• RampUp 2020 is just around the corner and the excitement is palpable. We’ve put together a bunch of tips on how you can get the most out of your time at the event. Without any further ado…

    1. Be present. Try and disconnect as much as you can from your office and day-to-day activities. There’s a wealth of knowledge-sharing to be had from industry leaders and networking with your fellow attendees. Be present so you can get the most out of your two days at RampUp.
    2. Network, network, network! With over 2,500 attendees from around the world that are made up of a variety of roles, organizations, and experience, this is your opportunity to make new connections. In addition to meal times, RampUp features meet-ups, lounges, and receptions to get your networking game on. Speaking of meals—consider sitting with people you don’t know—yet!     
    3. Dress comfortably. We like to think of our conference as business casual—jeans are not only acceptable, but encouraged! As for the receptions, feel free to dress up a bit more, or just wear what you wore to the conference. You be you!
    4. Get to know our sponsors. Stop by the Partner Expo and get to know the killer partners who are helping make RampUp possible! While you’re there, check out a portable battery to charge your devices and refresh with some drinks and snacks.
    5. Choose wisely. As the saying goes, you can’t be in two places at once. With over 65 sessions over the two days of RampUp, including our Innovation Studio, make sure you familiarize yourself with everything that’s offered, as well as locations and times. Oh, and we have an app for that—but more on that below. Tip: We’ll be recording most sessions and making them available after the conference, so if you find yourself torn between two sessions, we’ve got you covered! . 
    6. Download the RampUp App! The RampUp app is your guide to all things RampUp 2020. Download it ahead of the conference so you can access the most up-to-date schedule, build out your personal agenda, ask the speakers questions during the sessions, see maps of the venues, meet our sponsors, network with attendees, and more!
    7. Take advantage of the Innovation Studio. The LiveRamp Innovation Studio consists of special sessions focused on the LiveRamp products and solutions geared toward different parts of the marketing and tech ecosystem. Content will cover our product road map, newest solutions, and partnerships presented by LiveRamp, our customers, and key partners. **Please note that LiveRamp Innovation Studio registration is an additional ticket item, and is not included in your conference pass. If you’re ready to “level up” there’s a link in your confirmation email to update your registration, or you can email RampUp@Rampedup.us
    8. Visit the lounges. We’ve set up two lounges during the conference to give you a boost. The Data Store Lounge is where the Data Store comes to life! Meet and learn IRL with data experts from Factual, Webbula, Affinity Answers, and Leadspace. The Data Store Audience Solutions team will also be on hand to answer any and all of your questions about using third-party data. And the Listening Lounge is where you can go to watch a live stream if you can’t make it to a track room in time for a session.
    9. Be in it to win it! What’s wrong with a little friendly competition? We’ve set up a QR code scavenger hunt: Rampy’s Clues. You’ll need to download the RampUp app to participate (why haven’t you don’t that yet?) Pop-up notifications from the app will clue you in on the QR codes needed to find the clues and win. Once you’ve completed the hunt, be sure to head over to the Swag Store for a Golden Ticket to be entered to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards. Bragging rights included!
    10. Social Media—find the hashtag / use the hashtag. Whether you are posting on your social channels or looking at your feeds, be sure to use the #RampUp20 hashtag. This makes it easy to connect with other conference attendees so they easily see your posts and you can see theirs! And when you grab new friends (or old) for a photo, make sure you tag them too. Tip: start using the hashtag now so you can see who else will be at the conference. You can read more about using social on this RampUp blog.

    And one more thing.

    This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the RampPups! Stop by for a cuddle break in between sessions on Tuesday afternoon.
    See you at RampUp!

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