Gergana Kirovska

Gergana Kirovska

Gergana Kirovska is the Head of Growth for Privacy and Consumer Experiences at Liveramp. Coming from a trade marketing function, Gergana was eager to get involved in digital advertising. After joining Bannerconnect in 2014, she quickly picked up on the industry’s most interesting challenges and dipped her hands into the world of innovation.

In 2017 she joined GroupM as Innovation manager, allowing her to focus on opportunities that could potentially become the next ‘big thing’ in the Dutch advertising market.

R&D is close to her heart, not just because of the challenges it provides and solves, but also because it drives innovation across a wide range of people and products.

When faced with the possibility to create and lead the commercial team for Privacy Manager, an enterprise Privacy Preference and Consent Management platform, Gergana could not pass on the opportunity. She is determined to drive real impact on creating better online experiences for everyone.

Outside of innovating online experiences, Gergana enjoys quality time with friends spent in enthusiastic discussions.