• RampUp is LiveRamp’s annual conference where marketing’s change-makers meet to forge new partnerships and solve shared challenges. This year’s conference will take place on Monday and Tuesday, March 2nd and 3rd, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Last year we launched LiveRamp B2B at RampUp, and we’re hoping you’ll join us again—or for the first time—this year!

    We have content across all areas of the industry to choose from, but for your convenience, here’s a suggested itinerary for B2B marketers to maximize their time at RampUp:

    Monday, March 2

    Account-Based Marketing: Success with Targeting and Measurement
    Sixty percent of global B2B marketers plan to use account-based marketing (ABM) in 2020. Learn best practices for account list creation and targeting and how to measure success and prove ROI.

    Addressable TV Campaigns Simplified
    Plan and run targeted TV campaigns based on household attributes across addressable TV and OTT with our unified process and intuitive dashboard. In this session, you’ll learn how to access data from 100+ third-party data providers, accelerate campaign execution, and measure outcomes against custom targets at scale.

    Use Third-Party Data to Measure Marketing Effectiveness
    Understand and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through people-based measurement by leveraging third-party data for a full 360 view of your customers and their actions.

    LiveRamp B2B Case Study: Uncover True ROI
    Discover the quantitative account-based measurement (ABM) results Hewlett Packard Enterprise achieved by using LiveRamp B2B for ABM audience creation and measurement, accurate ROI calculation, and campaign optimization.

    Prove Regulatory Compliance with LiveRamp Privacy Manager
    LiveRamp Privacy Manager is a privacy preference and consent management solution for your websites and apps. It enables your business to comply with the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection and privacy regulations by capturing consumer preferences and maintaining proof of compliance. Learn more about Privacy Manager and how you can address compliance with technology.

    Data in a Transparent and Compliant World
    With the spotlight on how consumer data is being collected and used, compliance and transparency is a hot topic for data providers, platforms, advertisers, and regulators. Hear from our speakers on their journeys to transparency and compliance, and how prioritizing consumer consent and privacy compliance has changed how they work.

    In the afternoon, the RampUp conference begins in the Masonic. Featured sessions include a keynote from Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Burger King, and a panel on reestablishing the publisher-advertiser relationship.

    Tuesday, March 3

    On Tuesday, we’ll have three tracks of content at the Fairmont: Technology x Policy, Tradition x Innovation (Venetian Room), and Creativity x Data (Grand Ballroom). Here’s one way to structure your day and ensure you see at least one session per track:

    From Concept to Reality: Realize Systemic Change with Key Projects
    No project worth pursuing or battle worth fighting ever resolves itself quickly or easily. Find out how some masters of change management have honed their skills over the years in championing new technology, projects, and investments, and what their biggest wins—and missed opportunities—have been.

    Building a Data Infrastructure for Global Compliance
    Today, it is impossible to leave compliance completely in the hands of security, risk, and IT professionals. When marketers have a seat at the table and build stronger relationships with these teams, they’re better able to advocate for their needs and affect compliance strategy across markets. Our panel shares how they collaborated on building a data infrastructure that benefits the business as a whole, and the technology they use to achieve compliance globally.

    The Intersection of B2B and B2C
    Raise your hand if you’ve worked for both B2B and B2C companies or have seriously considered hopping from one to the other. It’s easier to shift between B2B and B2C these days as they share many of the same tactics—releasing emotionally resonant campaigns, recruiting diverse talent, brokering data partnerships, leveraging identity, and more. Our presenters have worked with both B2B and B2C companies and will discuss the best practices from both that can be leveraged anywhere.

    Amp Up Your Measurement with Data Partnerships
    How do you know which half of your marketing budget is wasted? Learn how to broker successful data partnerships to measure a broader spectrum of outcomes using identity as a backbone and accurately prove the ROI of your media plan.

    Omnichannel Media Planning, Execution, and Measurement
    The most advanced organizations have formed channel-agnostic media teams that share insights and datasets to form, activate, and measure omnichannel media strategies. Our panel reveals how their teams came together to bridge media silos and drive better results for the business.

    Compliance Strategies: Privacy by Design in Practice
    What does it mean for privacy to be built into the product development process and user experience? Our panel of privacy and product experts expand on this aspect of design thinking that has helped their companies release more successful products, collect the data they need in a compliant manner, retain top talent, and get an edge over the competition.

    Moving to Outcome-Based Measurement
    Don’t buy an impression you can’t measure—take control of your TV media planning and buying by measuring against the metrics that matter most for your business. Our panel representing brands, agencies, platforms, and networks reveals how all players in the TV ecosystem are collaborating to deliver more precise, outcome-based measurement, further bridging the TV-digital divide.

    When Technologies Collide: How to Enable Successful Mergers
    It’s a tale as old as time—smaller successful startup gets acquired by larger company and disappears among that conglomerate’s portfolio. Today, however, adtech startups have intense loyalty prior to becoming acquired. Users aren’t happy when the technology they know and love lags in updates, or even worse, ceases to exist in its original form. This fireside chat shares one successful acquisition whereby both parties collaborated to maintain both brands’ identities and technical merits, elevating both companies’ stature.

    Personalization Strategies across Online and Offline Channels
    Chances are, you’re able to offer some level of personalization. These efforts may be single-channel or siloed from the rest of your customer experience. Our panel shares how they strategically approached personalization across offline and online channels to improve the customer experience and ensure consistency.

    RampUp is not all work and no play

    In addition to the content, we make sure that our guests are caffeinated, well fed, and have plenty of time to have fun. We host events after the content each night, including a welcome reception on Sunday evening, for all those traveling (and local attendees, too). For a midday break, don’t miss the opportunity to cuddle some RampPups in the Partner Pavilion, which will be in the Terrace Room at the Fairmont. 

    Check out the agenda to learn more about these sessions, and the other great content at RampUp 2020. Register now and take advantage of our early bird pricing, which ends on January 31, 2020. Hope to see you at RampUp!

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