• “Data tells a story,” said Brooke Skinner Ricketts, CMO at Cars.com. “Marketers need to become obsessed with learning how to read those stories if they want to see what data intelligence can really do and the problems it can solve.”

    If you’re a marketer charged with becoming more data driven to fend off competitors and maintain market share, you’re not alone. To find out how Brooke’s team “[transformed] zettabytes of data into something meaningful” to drive value, watch her presentation from RampUp 2019 here or check out or session recap below:

    Want to see how data intelligence helped Cars.com, a “20-year-old startup,” stay ahead of disruptors in the automotive industry? Here’s how Brooke leveraged data intelligence to create exceptional customer experiences at Cars.com.

    Don’t go it alone

    Brooke sought partners to help cars.com create a mindset and daily practice of looking at data and considering the people behind it and what they’re communicating.

    “We are rich in data and we’re trying to be long on insight,” she said. “So we’ve started to work with attribution partners to really understand how we can not only measure the impact that the Cars.com experience is bringing but also to really measure what’s happening.”

    That changed when it partnered with LiveRamp and others to understand data at a granular level, make insightful observations and then activate on those insights in real time.

    Cultivate a culture of data intelligence

    With these relationships in place, the team uncovered telling statistics, such as 70% of people who come to its site had no idea what make and model automobile they’re after. When that data point revealed itself, her team was able to seize the opportunity and present experiences geared toward helping those truly in market narrow down their options.

    Offering another example, Brooke shared that Cars.com launched an AI chatbot, which uncovered that 55% of social-driven shopping occurs after hours. The chatbot enabled Cars.com to improve the shopping experience for late-night shoppers by allowing them to connect with dealers when they would normally be closed.

    Achieve simplicity with identity resolution

    With the vast quantities of information available today, Brooke warned that marketers could “get crushed under a hot balloon of 180 zettabytes of data.” But she added that it’s important to remember that it’s people who buy things, not devices or cookies.

    Before you can reach those people, however, you have to wade through the data—and try not to get lost in the weeds. This is where identity resolution becomes critically important.

    In a world where more than 90% of media buyers are increasing their spend in people-based marketing, and 83% of advertisers are reporting better returns with people-based marketing, identity resolution is invaluable in parsing raw data into a usable format to derive insights.

    For Brooke, her obsession is finding the people beneath all that technology and data, and learning to read the right story. “That’s how we can take automotive shopping, advertising, and attribution to the next level,” she said.

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