• With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) now in effect, one thing is certain: navigating privacy regulations is now part of our way of life as marketers. While companies operating in California spent the latter part of 2019 ensuring they were CCPA-ready, the reality is it’s only the beginning. Data privacy compliance and regulations must remain top of mind for all marketers. We’ve dedicated multiple sessions at this year’s RampUp (and two dedicated tracks!) to discuss data privacy and the newest regulations. Below is a suggested itinerary of topics at RampUp to help you navigate the next wave of privacy regulations:

    Day 1: Monday, March 2

    Innovation Studio Track: Navigate Data Privacy Regulation (Pavilion Room)

    Ramping Up on CCPA: LiveRamp’s Approach to Compliance
    It’s been just over two months since what’s considered the most sweeping data privacy legislation in the U.S. went into effect. Stop by to learn more about LiveRamp’s approach to compliance and our experience so far.

    Compliance Frameworks: Streamlining Compliance through Standardization
    Adtech has always been complex, and the rise of privacy legislation has only made it even more so. To avoid disjointed approaches, the IAB Tech Labs in the EU and U.S. have developed standards to unify and streamline compliance within the ecosystem. Join this session to learn more about the CCPA Compliance Framework, who it’s for, and how it can help.

    Balance Compliance with Welcome Consumer Experiences
    Learn from industry experts from Intel, Crossmedia, Dun & Bradstreet, and LiveRamp in a panel discussion on best practices for programmatic targeting and omnichannel activation. This discussion will span a variety of topics and will have key learnings for all—whether you’re new to the industry or have been involved for years.

    Improving Your Data Security across the Ecosystem
    Organizations today are under more pressure than ever to track and manage sensitive data. Legal, privacy, and information security teams are working together to ensure safe and ethical usage of data across all business functions. In this session, we will discuss how leading organizations are approaching data protection and security to ensure their businesses are not exposed to security threats or reputational risk.

    Data in a Transparent and Compliant World
    With the spotlight on how consumer data is being collected and used, compliance and transparency are hot topics for data providers, platforms, advertisers, and regulators. Hear from our speakers on their journeys to transparency and compliance, and how prioritizing consumer consent and privacy compliance has changed how they work.


    How Data Partnerships are Changing the Way Companies Do Business
    It’s no secret that strong customer intelligence drives superior customer experience, but increasing regulation and heightened privacy awareness has made acquiring the data needed for customer intelligence challenging. This is where second-party data can be a trusted source to fill in the gaps. But second-party data can only be unlocked by true partnerships based on consent, security, and governance. In this session, we discuss with Roundel and Disney how  they are evolving their businesses and creating value through privacy-first data partnerships. 

    Why Make the Investment in Mar Tech?
    One of the largest fast-food retailers, McDonald’s, is making large investments to personalize and overall improve the customer experience. But how? Bob Rupczynski, SVP of Mar Tech at McDonald’s, will discuss his vision to build their technology stack and how that will drive meaningful engagement with current and new consumers.

    Preparing for Post-Cookie Advertising
    As the future of advertising is changing, all digital advertising players will have to reengineer their advertising and data strategies to function without third-party cookies. This panel will discuss not only the changes that need to be made but also the opportunities that lie ahead.

    Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2020
    Figuring out how to make personal and emotional connections with customers while protecting their privacy is exactly what every marketing leader should be obsessing over. How does this become a reality? Our panel of seasoned marketing leaders will discuss how their roles sit at the intersection of creative, media, data, and technology, all in hopes of making experiences welcomed, convenient, personal, and memorable for their customers.

    Great Creative as a Competitive Advantage
    What if marketers treated creativity as a competitive advantage? What results would a brand be able to achieve? As the relationship between brands and people evolves, fueled by rapidly changing technology, media consumption habits, and consumer expectations, it’s not easy to know what audiences will hear as noise and forget, and what has real, lasting impact. Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Burger King, knows what great creative can achieve. This entertaining keynote will showcase how Burger King consistently punches above its weight—and you can, too—by focusing on the intersection between great creative and business results.

    New Age of Retail: Ulta’s Story
    In the digital age of endless consumer options, connecting with your customers on a true and authentic personal level is key to differentiating yourself in the competitive marketplace. David Kimbell, President & Chief Merchandising & Marketing Officer at Ulta Beauty, will share how Ulta is creating exceptional, personalized experiences at scale by integrating creativity, data, tech, and media, and delivering incredible business results.

    Day 2: Tuesday, March 3 

    Technology X Policy Track (Gold Room)

    Minimize Business Impact in Achieving Global Regulatory Compliance
    According to Forrester, 61 countries now have their own laws for data rights and regulations. Not all have requirements as strict as GDPR and CCPA, but it’s still important for companies operating in different countries to understand local regulations, become a part of the conversation, and apply effective strategies. This session shares how you can prepare for increasingly stricter regulations, minimizing business impact and promoting a streamlined, globally compliant data strategy.

    Building a Data Infrastructure for Global Compliance
    Today, it is impossible to leave compliance completely in the hands of security, risk, and IT professionals. When marketers have a seat at the table and build stronger relationships with these teams, they’re better able to advocate for their needs and affect compliance strategy across markets. Our panel shares how they collaborated on building a data infrastructure that benefits the business as a whole, and the technology they use to achieve compliance globally.

    CCPA Two Months In: Where Are We Now?
    CCPA is the most comprehensive U.S. privacy law. It went into effect on January 1, 2020. If we use GDPR as a barometer for CCPA, according to a Cap Gemini survey, just 21% of surveyed companies are GDPR compliant now, and a lot of work regarding CCPA compliance remains to be done in 2020 and beyond. Our panel shares where we are with version 1.0 of the regulation, what’s coming down the pike with 2.0, and how affected companies can jump-start their compliance strategies and stay in regulators’ good graces.

    Prepare for CCPA 2.0
    With CCPA now a few months behind us, it’s time to tackle version 2.0 of the law. This fireside chat will explore how one brand executive managed achieving CCPA compliance at his brand through a mix of technology and cross-team collaboration, as well as the key takeaways the team is applying to its work on new CCPA regulations set to take effect in 2021.

    Humans vs. Algorithms: How Do We Achieve Fairness?
    Technologists have long prioritized speed and efficiency gains from automation, AI, and machine learning, however, there are unintended consequences of over-reliance on these tools, and the toll on humans to perform some tasks outsourced to algorithms like content review can be too much to bear. This session shares how platforms and teams today can be built to prioritize fairness above all.

    Compliance Strategies, Part 1: Privacy by Design in Practice
    What does it mean for privacy to be built into the product development process and user experience? Our panel of privacy and product experts expand on this aspect of design thinking that has helped their companies release more successful products, collect the data they need in a compliant manner, retain top talent, and get an edge over the competition.

    Compliance Strategies, Part 2: Write Consumer-Centric Privacy Policies
    When was the last time you read or revised your privacy policy? It’s no easy feat. Our presenter reveals how data regulation has opened the door to more candid conversations with consumers about what their products do and how data is collected and used that should be reflected in your privacy policy.

    Compliance Strategies, Part 3: Bring It Back In-House
    Are data regulations causing you to bring technology resources, media planning and buying, data sourcing, analytics, and more back under your roof? You’re not alone. Find out how to systematically plan for, hire against, and build your in-house strategy to give you the freedom and flexibility you need to run an agile business.

    Achieving the Diversity Trifecta: Technology, Leadership, and Policy-Making
    Many technology companies today are focused on diversity, laying the groundwork for leaders who reflect more communities and perspectives, and eventually, policies that do the same. Our panel discusses the building blocks of their diversity strategies and goals that benefit not only their companies, but the communities and countries in which they operate.

    Check out the full RampUp agenda for more sessions on topics, including the future of the open web in a cookieless world, topics for B2B marketers, and much more. And did we mention our closing keynote, Recode Co-Founder Kara Swisher and our newly announced keynote, Bonin Bough, Chief Growth Officer at Bonin Ventures? Check out the lineup of speakers for more info. 

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