• Mark your calendars—RampUp SF 2020 is happening Monday and Tuesday, March 2-3, 2020, and you won’t want to miss it. We are known as the place to be for candid discussions on Mar Tech, customer experience, and data regulation—real advice you can take back and apply to your business come Wednesday morning. Now in our eighth year, we’re excited to present a brand new format that invites a variety of professionals to participate and gives attendees a deeper dive into topics that matter to them, from building a better data infrastructure to unlocking new revenue opportunities through content diversification.

    Exploring Intersections

    Collaboration is a theme we’ve heard frequently, and we’re bringing it to RampUp by titling our thought leadership tracks: Technology x Policy, Creativity x Data, and Tradition x Innovation. Each track explores the intersection between various teams, companies, and disciplines, explaining how they can collaborate: technologists and privacy professionals in Technology x Policy, analysts and creatives in Creativity x Data, and startups and stalwarts in Tradition x Innovation. We all have different experiences and expertise, and every session in our main agenda tracks is designed to generate new ideas you can put into action.

    Check out the agenda, and if you have a speaker to recommend for any of our sessions, email rampupspeakers@rampedup.us

    BYOD and PP (Bring Your Own Developer and Privacy Professional)

    For the first time, we are hosting a developers track on Monday morning as part of the LiveRamp Innovation Studio. This is an invitation for engineers, integration managers, and product leads to hear about the latest technology trends in big data. Topics covered include managing a multiyear migration to the Google Cloud Platform, the current state of APIs, and building privacy-first products. If you think your developers would be interested in attending, please pass them the Innovation Studio agenda; the RampUp for Developers tab is on the far right.

    To build products with users’ privacy preferences in mind, it’s imperative to work hand-in-hand with privacy and legal teams. Understanding that these working relationships are critical, but that they also can be new and not yet well-established, we didn’t just create content for privacy professionals and lawyers under the Technology x Policy track. We also have a track titled Remain Data Driven amidst Regulation for them, also part of the LiveRamp Innovation Studio. 

    In this track, privacy and legal teams will learn how LiveRamp helps improve the security of the data you collect, store, and activate across the ecosystem and comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), among other topics that help you understand LiveRamp’s role in the marketing ecosystem and current regulatory environment. If you think your privacy and legal teams would be interested in hearing more about these topics, please pass them the full agenda.

    Goodbye Precon, Hello LiveRamp Innovation Studio

    If you came to RampUp SF or attended RampUp NYC this year, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve moved the LiveRamp Innovation Studio from the main conference to its own time slot on Monday morning. Owing to its enthusiastic reception, it effectively replaces our preconference. 

    Unlike years past, we’ve themed the tracks versus defining content based on your company’s primary business. This gives you the freedom to choose your own adventure and move between our four tracks: Outcome-Based Marketing, Improve Your ROI with LiveRamp, LiveRamp Product Boot Camp, and Remain Data Driven amidst Regulation. View the agenda and be sure to share it with your colleagues as you’ll likely find multiple sessions you want to attend happening at the same time. 

    Attending the LiveRamp Innovation Studio is only available to conference attendees. To register, check the box by “conference pass” and scroll down to check the box by “LiveRamp Innovation Studio” on this page

    RampUp for Good

    As usual, you’ll have the chance to meet and chat with attendees at our welcome reception on Sunday in the Fairmont and parties on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Considering the new audiences coming to RampUp for the first time, though, we recognize that more structured networking opportunities might help newcomers and repeat attendees meet and mingle. 

    To that end, we’re organizing a lunchtime hackathon with local nonprofits on Monday where participants will work in groups on unique marketing challenges. We’ll be adding more details on participating organizations as they firm up, and we look forward to helping you start your RampUp with a rush of new LinkedIn contacts and the opportunity to collaborate for a good cause. 

    So what are you waiting for? Register now for RampUp SF 2020, and we’ll see you in a few months!

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