• No need to travel—RampUp Virtual Summit 2021 is coming to you on March 2, 2021! What’s more, registration is entirely complementary and dare we say this is our best agenda yet? Check out some of the stellar speakers and sessions in store:

    Reimagine every touch point to foster brand love

    The best brands don’t stick to tried-and-true scripts. They constantly change the way they engage with audiences to surprise and delight, foster brand love, and break away from the pack. 

    There’s no doubt that Peloton is in a league of its own. We are thrilled to bring Dara Treseder, SVP, Head of Global Marketing & Communications at Peloton, to our virtual stage. A dynamic and inspiring leader whose past roles include CMO at Carbon and CMO GE Business Innovations and GE Ventures, Dara will share how her team engenders lasting loyalty through reimagining every touch point.

    Immersive talks on putting customers first

    As most companies focus on building loyalty this year, it’s never been more critical to uncover opportunities to delight customers and offer the best possible experiences. This theme underpins several sessions: The Customer Intelligence Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss, a presentation from Jeff Rasp, VP Digital Platforms, Channels, and Capabilities, NA, Bayer and Build a Viewer-Centric Strategy in a Fragmented TV Landscape, a discussion with leaders across the TV industry moderated by Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer, TV, at LiveRamp. 

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