Oct 15, 2019

Navy Pier - 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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  • October 15, 2019: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

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  • Navy Pier - 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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Gain insights to stay on top of omnichannel marketing and tech trends tailored to your industry, from leaders in your city and beyond. We’ll make sure you’re well-equipped to stay ahead of the curve and top-of-mind for your customers.

Please note, the content of this event is best suited for digital marketers, media buyers, marketing technologists, and agency teams that support them. Space is limited and registrations are subject to approval. You are approved to attend if you do not hear otherwise from us.



Tuesday - October 15th, 2019


Check In and Breakfast


Welcome Remarks


Opening Keynote

Your tech and data investments have been building up to moments-based marketing. But with teams still working in silos, how can companies truly understand when this person should receive this message at a particular the moment, and whether the offer would be well received? Joe Stanhope, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester, shares how technology and data resources and the people responsible for them must align to enable more welcome, creative, and relevant customer experiences.

Maximize Technology and Data to Unleash Creativity


Lead with Creativity Execute with Technology

Behind campaign creation, distribution, and measurement are the initial creative ideas—and technology plays a supporting role in bringing them to life. Learn how creative, Mar Tech, and analytics teams collaborate to achieve their campaign goals.


Applying DTC Data Strategies to Your Business

Who knew that people cared so much about shaving or their credit scores? Like all industries, CPG and financial services have been impacted by direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies vying for the attention and loyalty of people who value discovery and doing things differently. Our panel examines what DTC gets right about data strategy and how this fuels everything from product creation to media buying.


Omnichannel Media Planning

The most advanced organizations have formed channel-agnostic media teams that share insights and datasets to form, activate, and measure omnichannel media strategies. In this presentation, Jon Halvorson, VP, Global Media, Digital, and Data at Mondelez, shares how his teams came together to bridge media silos and drive better results for the business.


Networking Lunch


Unleashing Creativity and Boosting ROI with Data

Data isn’t in short supply. Data that can be analyzed and turned into insights for creative, however, remains a hot commodity. Hear how one agency collaborates with clients to revamp their approach to analytics and creative, yielding not only memorable campaigns, but also tangible business results.


Balancing Brand Advertising and Performance Marketing

  • Sadia Khan - United Airlines

Experiential marketing, influencer engagement, and other trends have changed the way we view brand advertising and performance marketing. Discover how companies are rethinking their budget allocations to meet acquisition and retention goals, and learn new strategies for striking the right balance.


Increase Accountability of Media with Strong Data Partnerships

How do you know which half of your marketing budget is wasted? Learn how to broker successful data partnerships to measure a broader spectrum of outcomes and prove the ROI of your media plan.


Networking Break


How to Maximize TV ROI

Savvy brands who understand the shifting landscape of media consumption behaviors are demanding modernization to the way TV is bought and sold. Learn how TV programmers and measurement companies are also fighting the good fight to enable you to buy TV based on the business outcomes they drive.


Matching Messaging to Customer Lifetime Value

Despite knowing that people are willing to offer their data for more personalized experiences, companies have yet to fully deliver on the promise of customized content. Our panel, representing a range of industries, shares how they use data to maintain the customer lifecycle, tying each step to revenue generation and business value.

The Age of the Customer


Navigating the Maze of State-Level Regulation

In lieu of a federal regulation, businesses must comply with a growing number of state-level regulations driven by a desire to protect consumer rights. Get a rundown of what’s happening at the state level, the driving force behind each law, how you can make your voice heard, and what you need to do now to achieve compliance.


Building a Customer-Driven Organization

Rare is the company with the right team, technology, and processes in place to truly serve the customer well. Our panelists share how their teams shifted to embrace a customer-first mentality, own data governance, engage the right partners, collaborate with internal teams, and earn trust and loyalty. Take their best practices for building an internal people-based marketing team that you can apply to your own company.


Weathering the Techlash Storm

Data breaches, shady tactics, unauthorized uses of information—all technology companies know they must continuously plan for the worst. In our hyper-connected age, however, the worst-case scenario is often one you couldn’t have imagined, much less planned for. This presentation shares how one company recovered from its greatest data-driven crisis, leading to improved processes and approaches to everything from data collection to the user experience.


Networking Lunch


LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Third-Party Data Strategies for Social Media

Enhance your social targeting with our established advertiser-direct solutions for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, which enables advertisers to buy custom or syndicated audiences from 150+ data providers for powerful audience enhancement. This session will walk through the types of data you can access to target the most qualified customers based on various triggers and behaviors.


LiveRamp Innovation Studio: LiveRamp B2B - Onboarding, Targeting, and Measurement

Learn how B2B marketers power their global campaigns and measure their impacts using first- and third-party data. We’ll cover best practices for activating your first-party data at scale, identify the right third-party data, and demonstrate how to measure impact at the account level across multiple markets.


LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Boost Ad Revenue in a Cookieless World

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) provides a privacy-conscious solution that takes publishers’ first-party authentication data and translates it into an IdentityLink to improve addressability across the open internet in an accurate, safe manner. Learn how SSPs and publishers can effectively monetize their inventory and how advertisers and DSPs can more effectively activate and measure data-driven campaigns buying on IdentityLinks created by ATS.


LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Augment Operational and Marketing Efficiency in Health Care

Like their peers in other verticals, health care marketers use analytics to increase customer acquisition and retention and boost operational efficiencies. In discussion with Kevin Dunn, Managing Director of New Verticals at LiveRamp, Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity, reveals how healthcare companies can build more agile measurement strategies through best-in-class interoperability solutions. Join this session to hear about LiveRamp and HealthVerity’s new joint solution that helps you manage health care and consumer data in a privacy-conscious manner.


LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Preparing for the CCPA with Faktor

With the CCPA on the horizon, strong privacy management controls and consumer data transparency are more crucial than ever. Join this session and learn best practices for achieving compliance from Tim Geenen, General Manager of Faktor and the founder of one of the first independent consent management platforms (CMPs). We’ll be covering key features of our CMP that empower consumers and facilitate an equal value exchange between consumers, brands, and publishers, and what you should think about before the CCPA goes into effect next year.


LiveRamp Innovation Studio: The Next Generation of TV Planning, Buying, and Measurement

Data Plus Math, a LiveRamp company, provides agencies and brands with the tools they need to measure TV and video investment using outcome-based guarantees in a consistent, scalable manner. Arm your clients with best-in-class metrics that provide true campaign ROI and enable more timely investment optimization. By joining forces with Data Plus Math, LiveRamp is able to introduce identity capabilities into outcome-based measurement across the TV ecosystem. Combine fragmented TV data with first or third-party data in a safe and privacy-compliant manner to accurately tie TV investments to business outcomes. This combination provides measurability on TV like never before.


Closing keynote/fireside - Forging Next-Level Partnerships

All brands and agencies rely on technology and data partners to do their best work and differentiate themselves in the market. Hear how one leading company and its partners work together to push the envelope and achieve better results.


Closing Remarks

  • LiveRamp


Cocktail Party


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Please note, the content of this event is best suited for digital marketers, media buyers, marketing technologists, and agency teams that support them. Space is limited and registrations are subject to approval. You are approved to attend if you do not hear otherwise from us.