Nov 19, 2019

The Savoy, London WC2R 0BL

  • Date and Time

  • 19 November 2019: 8:30am - 9:00pm

  • Location

  • The Savoy, London WC2R 0BL

RampUp On The Road is returning to London!

After last year’s hugely successful event, the RampUp roadshow series is crossing the pond once again to make London THE destination for leaders in martech.

Join us at the prestigious Savoy Hotel for a day of inspirational speakers, a showcase of innovative marketing initiatives and a chance to share great ideas with like-minded marketing leaders. RampUp On The Road London will have everything you need to take your digital marketing strategy to the next, people-based level.

Please note, the content of this event is best suited for digital marketers, media buyers, marketing technologists, and agency teams that support them. Space is limited and registrations are subject to approval. You are approved to attend if you do not hear otherwise from us.



Tuesday - November 19th, 2019


Check In and Breakfast

9:30AM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Welcome Remarks

9:40AM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Cultivating the Modern Marketing Skillset

Consumer skepticism. Techlash. Data breaches. Privacy regulations. Marketers’ chief role as a company’s creative powerhouse is in the distant past. Our keynote speaker shares the skill sets companies should look for and cultivate to develop well-rounded marketers primed to address the challenges of our time.

Breakout One: The New Data Landscape

10:30AM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Optimise Customer Experiences With Moments-Based Marketing

Brands have invested heavily in martech to drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Yet most haven’t revamped their marketing strategy to connect with their customers in the moments that matter. By resolving identity across touchpoints, devices, and data sets, marketers can build robust customer profiles that enable moments-based marketing. This presentation explores the evolution from a channel-driven campaign approach to a customer-focused strategy serving the full customer journey.

11:05AM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Reestablishing the Publisher-Advertiser Relationship

Brands and publishers, it’s time to admit that you want the same things in a relationship. Brands want to know exactly where they show up to end consumers. Publishers want to provide that transparency so they can sell their ad space for what it’s worth. As we move toward a post-cookie world, the timing has never been better to reestablish brand-publisher ties built on mutual trust. Learn how to make the first move and get what you want.

11:40AM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Precision Marketing: the Brand Dream Come True

Brand and vendor relations are experiencing a breakthrough. Historically, retailers had a monopoly on customer data. Now, new platform and data partnerships offer brands the opportunity to leverage the richness and precision of transactional data, which holds many concrete benefits: better customer knowledge and targeting on digital and real-time optimisation based on accurate incrementality tests. Numberly and Danone will discuss how they are partnering to maximise their consumer data and achieve enhanced consumer experiences.


Networking Lunch

1:15PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

What Does Audience Targeting Mean to You

Accurate audience targeting is every brand’s priority but requires a delicate balance of being data driven while also prioritizing consumers’ preferences. Rob Pierre of Jellyfish and Jeff Nicholson of VaynerMedia will share how they work with clients to revamp and standardise their audience targeting strategies for optimal customer journeys.

1:50PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

TV's Data-Driven Future

Consumers have fully embraced a converged world (watching what they want, when they want, where they want), yet media companies and marketers have largely kept these channels siloed…until now. With advancements in data and technology, convergent TV is now becoming a reality; and with a ~$170 billion industry at stake, the biggest players are working hard to get their share. This discussion will explore both the capabilities and players at the centre of TV’s data-driven future.

2:25PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Unleashing Innovation in a Regulatory Age

With numerous regulations being passed around the world with global implications, marketers have the opportunity to break free of business as usual and change the way they work. Find out how one company’s policies and workflow have changed since GDPR and how you can apply their principles.

2:55PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Networking Break / Afternoon Tea

3:30PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Omnichannel Harmony - Is it Really Achievable?

The most advanced organisations are forming channel-agnostic media teams that share insights and datasets to form, activate, and measure omnichannel media strategies. In this presentation, speakers will share how they’re bringing digital channels like connected TV and social media into omnichannel data-driven marketing plans for their clients and partners.

4:05PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Matching Messaging to Customer Lifetime Value

Despite knowing that people are willing to offer their data for more personalised experiences, companies have yet to fully deliver on the promise of customised content. Our panel representing a range of industries shares their journeys to true personalisation, tying each step to revenue generation and business value.

Breakout Two: Consumer-Led Data Strategies

10:30AM - Abraham Lincoln

Committing to Consumers with the Right Relationship

Startups have been chipping away at legacy brands’ market dominance, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. But these stalwarts haven’t been around for decades for no reason. Victoria Bland, Head of Digital Data & Analytics and Caz Yetman, Personalised Consumer Experience Manager at Nestle will discuss the strategies they use to continue to earn customer loyalty across a wide variety of audiences and build lasting relationships.

11:05AM - Abraham Lincoln

The Height of Sophisticated Measurement

Measuring across TV and digital is possible. Learn the many ways in which marketers are proving the true value of their work across channels and iterating along the way with access to new data and measurement platforms.

11:40AM - Abraham Lincoln

Mobile Cameras & Creativity

Gen Z and Millennials are living their lives through the mobile camera. In this session, speakers from Snap, Inc and Elvis will explore how the camera is the most exciting new creative canvas for brands, and demonstrate how one of the world’s largest CPG businesses, Mondelez, is embracing this new world of creativity to generate business results.


Networking Lunch

1:15PM - Abraham Lincoln

LiveRamp Innovation Studio: The Value Exchange of Consent

We are 18 months into GDPR and strong privacy management controls and consumer data transparency are more crucial than ever. Join this session and learn best practices for achieving compliance from Tim Geenen, General Manager of Faktor and the founder of one of the first independent consent management platforms (CMPs). We’ll be covering key features of our CMP and how it empowers consumers, brands, and publishers in equal measure.

1:50PM - Abraham Lincoln

LiveRamp Innovation Studio: LiveRamp 101

Odds are you are already connecting people, data, and devices in some way. But this doesn’t negate the day-to-day challenge of accurately calculating ROAS, optimising your media plan, proving your Mar Tech strategy, and more. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how LiveRamp addresses these issues and fits into your existing workflows.

2:25PM - Abraham Lincoln

LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Boost Ad Revenue in a Changing World

As a result of evolving regulation, changing consumer preference, and new technologies, it has become harder for publishers to rely on the tracking mechanisms they are used to. This opens the door for publishers to take control over their advertising with new technologies. LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) provides a privacy-first solution that takes publishers’ first-party authentication data and translates it into an IdentityLink to improve addressability across the open internet in an accurate, privacy-safe manner. Learn how SSPs and publishers can effectively monetise their inventory and how advertisers and DSPs can more effectively activate and measure data-driven campaigns buying on IdentityLinks created by ATS.

2:55PM - Abraham Lincoln

Networking Break / Afternoon Tea

3:30PM - Abraham Lincoln

LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Optimising Transaction Sales Data

Do you have trouble matching in-store and online sales to your digital marketing spend? In this session, learn how a leading retail brand has partnered with LiveRamp to optimise their campaigns and close the loop on their ad spend. Leveraging its unparalleled reach in sales transactions, Sainsbury’s uses LiveRamp to match and analyse privacy-safe transaction data to uncover insights.

4:05PM - Abraham Lincoln

LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Forging a Path to Longer-Term Growth

In any business, the role of the customer evolves as they grow with your company as your company shifts along the growth curve. From being recently acquired, to a loyal and long-lasting client partnership, it is crucial to look for ways in which you can prioritise adding value whilst balancing the early stage and short-term transactional needs around before volume of customers. Neil Joyce, Co-Founder & CEO of CLV Group and Daniel Sköld, CMO at Kwiff, take us on this journey as they discuss optimising media, using data, technology and organisational alignment in conjunction to drive better results for the brand.

4:40PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Data's Role in Digital Transformation

We’ve all heard that data is the new oil, but few companies have the ability to fully unlock its business potential. In this fireside chat, TripAdvisor shares how they set their data strategy to drive measurable business outcomes for them and their advertisers, giving both a stronger stake in the ecosystem.

5:25PM - The Lancaster Ballroom

Closing Remarks

  • LiveRamp

5:30PM - River Room

Cocktail Party


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