New York

Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2018

Conrad NYC
102 North End Ave
New York, NY 10282

  • Date and Time

  • 10/31/2018 12:00pm - 5:00pm
    11/01/2018 8:30am - 7:00pm

  • Location

  • Conrad NYC
    102 North End Ave
    New York, NY 10282

RampUp is bringing it big in New York.

Join us for two days of the best in marketing and tech thought leadership.

Learn all about LiveRamp during our half-day preconference workshops on October 31st. Then, on November 1st, hear directly from industry leaders as they discuss what you need to take your digital marketing strategy to the people-based level in our two tracks: Building Data Narratives and Tactical Data Engagement.

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Wednesday - October 31st, 2018



Lunch and Check-In

Workshops Details - You can pick one for each time slot!

Workshop A:


Navigating the Digital Landscape - Sold Out!

Marketers today are focused on building strong customer relationships, hinging on a solid data strategy that incorporates first and third party data sources to develop meaningful marketing strategies. In this interactive workshop, LiveRamp and Forrester Senior Analyst, Tina Moffett, will guide you through the process of defining the scope of your data strategy, gathering your various data sources, and auditing and analyzing your data. Lastly, we’ll leave you will some ideas for how to activate on your unified data asset.


Advanced Data Cooperation with LiveRamp - Sold Out!

You’ve mastered onboarding, targeting, and measurement. You’re a rock star! So what’s next to keep you front-of-mind as the visionary who gets it done? Partner with other rock stars, of course. In this workshop, you’ll learn two advanced use cases: The ins and outs of second-party data (privacy, legal, security, commercials, etc.), what it means to use a partner’s data, and what you can do with it, and how to successfully set up an Advertising ID Consortium-enabled campaign.

Workshop B:


Getting Started with Identity Resolution

Emerging as its own category of marketing technology, identity resolution is key to marketing on a people-based level, and therefore key to enhancing your customer’s experience. In this workshop, you’ll learn the crawl, walk, run, and fly approach to identity resolution.


Activation with LiveRamp IdentityLink for TV - Sold Out!

You can now reach and measure audiences on a people-based level on TV. But what does that mean and how do you get started? Learn about addressable TV capabilities (specifically MVPD and OTT partnerships), how to leverage your audience data in advanced TV, and what’s possible in TV measurement.

Workshop C:


The Newest Shiny Object - Sold Out!

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are the latest innovation in martech today, but they’re often misunderstood. In this workshop, you’ll learn how CDPs help brands manage identities to create a true unified customer experience for people-based marketing. Also, learn how to plug your CDP into the martech ecosystem and activate your data across multiple integrations.


Data Ethics: Powering Innovation through Data Governance, Protection, and Privacy

You’ve heard a lot about the wave a of regulation around data aggregation, storing and usage. Learn how data stewardship can help you plan for emerging trends of data regulation both in the US and abroad.

Workshop D:


Maximizing Measurement Methods - Sold Out!

In a world of distracted consumers and increasingly complex consumer purchasing paths, measuring marketing ROI is even more challenging. Forward-thinking marketers are turning to advanced measurement strategies to enhance their marketing efforts. What you’ll learn: the crawl, walk, and run approach through the lens of identity, from closed-loop, multi-touch attribution to data lakes.


B2B from

B2B marketers face unique challenges. Join the LiveRamp B2B team for an interactive discussion that will cover B2B first-party onboarding, account-based marketing best practices, third-party audiences for B2B, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned B2B pro or just getting started, you’ll learn things that you can take back to your teams and set in motion.

Workshop E:


The Identity-Powered Adtech Ecosystem - SOLD OUT

The adtech ecosystem is a complicated space with multiple platform types and data flows. In this workshop, you’ll learn how IdentityLink connects the entire landscape: DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, publishers, and measurement platforms. Get a deep-dive on identity-powered use cases to offer customers that can improve targeting effectiveness, frequency management, optimization, attribution, and the overall consumer experience.


Meeting the Demand for the Universal ID - SOLD OUT

The industry wants to activate campaigns on a people-based level everywhere they are advertising. You’ve heard stories of a Universal ID—now learn the step-by-step process of how to enable people-based targeting in the bid stream and the product development requirements needed to be part of this new wave of innovation.



  • Hosted by LiveRamp

Thursday - November 1st, 2018


8:30AM Gallery Foyer

Breakfast and Check-In


Welcome Remarks


The Art & Science of the Modern Marketer


Rising above Data Disruption

Track A:
From the Marketers' Perspective

11:00AM Gallery Ballroom

Putting the ‘People’ Back in People-Based Marketing

Buzzwords like “people-based marketing,” “omnichannel activation,” and “data lakes” can easily deter marketers from remembering who their consumers really are. How have the best-in-class players adapted to put people first in our increasingly digital world? In this session, learn how to genuinely connect with your customers and enable your brand’s partners, agencies, and internal capabilities to evolve to meet people wherever they are.

11:35AM Gallery Ballroom

Connecting the Experiential and Digital World

It’s more important than ever for brands to reach people at the right moment within their journeys. Internal collaboration is more important than ever to ensure that the seamless online and offline experience people expect is what they actually get. Learn how to connect in-person experiences to the digital world, create holistic customer journeys, and build brand affinity.

12:10PM Gallery Foyer

Networking Lunch

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1:15PM Gallery Ballroom

Winning at Information-Based Creative

We now know that information-based creative evokes emotions and moves people into action. How can we leverage the power of “nowness” to create emotionally resonant data-driven creative that engages customers? This session explores how data and marketing players are using data to fuel more emotional and creative experiences and consumer connections.

1:50PM Gallery Ballroom

Navigating the Data-Driven TV Ecosystem

Although addressable TV is taking off, many marketers are still struggling to navigate the complex ecosystem of TV targeting. Our panelists discuss the insights and analytics needed for an evolved programmatic TV plan.


Networking Break

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You Are What You Buy: Building Spend-Based Personas for Digital Advertising Success

You’ve heard it before: to be successful with your advertising, you must know the interests and behaviors of your audience inside and out. Whether that’s knowing their personal attributes, hobbies and passions, or likes and dislikes, how they spend is one of the most important measures of their actual behavior and is an indicator of future buying intent. Speakers will discuss how they’ve targeted populations through custom curated spending personas to reach highly precise audience segments at scale.

Track B:
From the Data Strategist's Perspective

11:00AM West Ballroom

Uniting for the Future: Leaders in Data Integrity

Industry leaders are coming together and recognizing the importance for transparency and technical expertise in data handling. Panelists will discuss the collective efforts they’re making to comply with new legislations such as GDPR, and leverage data in a way that respects user choices.

11:35AM West Ballroom

Using Your First-Party Data to Access New Revenue Opportunities

Brands now realize how valuable their first-party data is, not only for their marketing efforts, but for others in the industry. Second-party data monetization is an innovative opportunity for brands to generate a new revenue stream, but it has to be done right. Learn how GM began its second-party data monetization journey and how its roadmap can be applied at your company.

12:10PM Gallery Foyer

Networking Lunch

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1:15PM West Ballroom

Staying ahead of the Data Privacy Curve

The average person is well attuned to data privacy today—the influx of recent emails about new data policies speaks to this growing awareness. No longer do people mindlessly check boxes to access something they want online. This is one of the many waves of disruption at the intersection of marketing and data privacy. Learn how to make your data strategy ride the waves instead of get washed away in the next data scandal.

1:50PM West Ballroom

Data-Powered Partnerships - New Possibilities with Second-Party Data

In a world where third-party data is heavily relied on by brands to add scale and enrich their own first-party data, second-party data has now become a game-changer that offers an opportunity to add a layer of differentiation and a unique competitive edge in an otherwise overcrowded data marketplace. Many brands sitting on valuable data assets have come forward to make this type of niche second-party data available in exclusive settings. Leaders will discuss this new and emerging phenomenon.


Networking Break

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From Vision to Action: Delivering Personalized Experiences at Scale

One-to-one communications have traditionally been hard to scale, but technology can now drive the personalization people crave. This session will explore how companies can deliver dynamic content and experiences across the consumer journey.


Closing Keynote - Freakonomics and the Data-Driven Mindset


Closing Remarks

  • LiveRamp


Meet and Greet with Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt


Cocktail Party - Le District


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