• Purchasing cycles always fluctuate, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that consumer behavior can change on a dime. There’s no telling how long the boom times will last for bread-makers and inflatable pools while other categories struggle, as much of the world remains in some state of quarantine. It can be tempting to go back to the drawing board with your marketing strategy, but there are certain principles that work, no matter what’s happening in the world.

    Whether you’re in feast or famine, it’s a good idea to use these evergreen marketing strategies as your North Star: 

    Pull new creative levers

    Pushing the creative envelope is a great evergreen marketing strategy that can sometimes be forgotten when budgets are cut and fewer resources are available. However,  sometimes simple, audacious concepts are the most impactful, like this stroke of genius from two Thai art students who went back to their home country after their school in Hamburg closed. In Thailand at the time, few measures had been put in place to encourage people to stay at home, so they came up with a fake out-of-home campaign for Netflix, publishing spoilers of some of the platform’s most popular shows on billboards and public transit. The message? Stay home because if you risk infecting others by going out, you might also spoil a binge session you’d been looking forward to.  Although the concept was rejected by Netflix, the campaign was widely shared, helping spread the #stayhome message.

    Find new audiences

    With people watching more TV than ever, the sell side is also flexing its creative muscles in finding ways to get advertisers in front of viewers. The NFL’s first virtual draft attracted a record-breaking 55 million viewers and pulled in double-digit growth in ad revenue. 

    Even more interesting is the fact that of the more than 100 brands that advertised during the draft, more than 60 did so for the first time. Despite tighter budgets, advertisers aren’t sticking with the tried and true. These are unusual times, and it never hurts to experiment on different channels to find new audiences.

    Our current reality is rife with challenges, but it also provides opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Get creative and find new ways to connect with people as part of your evergreen marketing strategy, and your brand will be top of mind when consumers are ready to engage. 

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