• With Google’s recent announcement of the deprecation of third-party cookies from Chrome browsers in two years’ time, the topic of addressability will surely be top of mind for marketers and publishers. As always, RampUp, LiveRamp’s annual conference, is a chance for attendees to hear from industry leaders on timely topics, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to addressability. 

    As we prepare for what a world without third-party cookies will mean for the advertising ecosystem, below is a suggested itinerary of topics at this year’s RampUp, taking place from March 2-3 in San Francisco, to whet your appetite:

    Day 1: Monday, March 2

    Innovation Studio

    Building an Authentication Strategy in a Cookieless World
    As we move to a post-cookie internet, it is getting harder for publishers to identify visitors and effectively monetize their sites programmatically. Learn how LiveRamp can help increase your revenue from first-party data with our privacy-first cookieless solution.

    Cookies Are Dead—How to Maintain Addressability with an IdentityLink Technology Stack
    Learn how to bring IdentityLink capabilities to the programmatic bidstream and how you can enhance your technology stack for people-based targeting and measurement.

    Main Conference

    Preparing for Post-Cookie Advertising
    As the future of advertising is changing, all digital advertising players will have to reengineer their advertising and data strategies to function without third-party cookies. This panel will discuss not only the changes that need to be made but also the opportunities that lie ahead.

    Day 2: Tuesday, March 3

    Maintaining Addressability in a Changing World
    As a result of the loss of third-party cookies, changing consumer preference, and new technologies, advertisers are losing their ability to address audiences across channels. This leads to gaps in measurement and understanding the customer journey. Learn how you can maintain end-to-end addressability in an ecosystem where the only constant is change.

    Check out the full RampUp agenda for more sessions on topics, including the future of data privacy regulations, topics for B2B marketers, and much more. And did we mention our closing keynote, Recode Co-founder Kara Swisher? Check out the lineup of speakers for more info. 

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