• With RampUp 2019 around the corner, now is the time to start planning out your conference strategy, including how you want to show up on social media. Beyond charting out which sessions you want to attend, you also need to have a game plan for networking and getting noticed on the #Ramp19 hashtag. The connections that you make can lead to increased deal flow, a new partnership, or even finding your new romantic partner (but that’s a whole other blog post!).

    With social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with other attendees. In fact, social media levels the playing field for all who attend. Previously it’d take an effective long-term email strategy to connect with a C-level executive at a conference, but now with social media tools, communication is immediate and accessible.

    Here are three ways to use social media to connect with RampUp 2019 attendees.


    In my opinion, Twitter is the best social network to truly connect and make “internet friends.” Since posting content about professional interests generally has minimal friction, and many Twitter users want to find other like-minded individuals, it’s the perfect tool to invest your time in while at conferences.

    Conferences will create a hashtag beforehand and advertise it throughout their marketing materials. In this case, the one to follow is #RampUp19. By doing a hashtag search on Twitter, this allows you to find out who is at the event. To maximize efficiency, you should follow RampUp on Twitter and create a Twitter List of the people using #RampUp19, so that you can follow them and connect.

    Since you can’t attend every single session at RampUp, Twitter allows you to discover new content and learn more about what is happening around you. For your Twitter conference strategy, you should be part of the discussion so that more people can find you and engage. What works best is posting short, insightful quotes from the sessions, tagging those who use them, and adding in the conference hashtag. Since the speakers receive notifications from those who tag them, they’ll find out who you are.

    Here is an example from the New York Stock Exchange at Ramp Up On The Road New York:

    In addition to typing out quotes, you can also post videos through either uploading those you’ve taken on your smartphone or using Twitter’s live video tool, Periscope.

    Above all, have fun with Twitter! You don’t have to just post work-related content. At RampUp, you are at one of the most iconic hotels in the world and even get the opportunity to pet RampPups—so show your personal and professional side.


    Don’t overlook Instagram. The platform provides amazing opportunities to connect and discover. There are over one billion users, and it’s now part of our daily lives to capture content and post to friends and community. For conferences, the best way to use Instagram is to post photos or videos onto your grid. Also, use Stories to produce ephemeral content throughout the conference. When posting at RampUp 2019, you will need to add #RampUp19 so that you’ll show up on the hashtag Story or a top result on the grid.

    By doing this, you can find other people at the conference and follow them as well. Additionally, you can like, comment, and direct message them. Most aren’t using Instagram for business connections at conferences, so this is a way to stand out. To gain insight into their interests, look at content they’ve previously posted to come up with a good ice-breaker.


    LinkedIn is, of course, one of the most important places to put your time and energy in when attending industry events. Before you attend RampUp 2019, make sure to have your profile updated with a current summary and fleshed-out work experience. If you haven’t received a testimonial in a while, now is the time to ask!

    Now that LinkedIn’s news feed is similar to Facebook’s, use these tips to up your content game and think strategically about your RampUp 2019 posts.

    Before the conference, you can post that you’ll be attending, look forward to certain sessions, and include a call to action like “comment below if you’ll be attending.” This way you can schedule meetups ahead of time and find more attendees.

    Throughout the conference, you should post quick videos and content that inspires. Make sure to use LinkedIn as a digital business card and connect online right away after you’ve met so you can immediately start building relationships.

    Take this time before RampUp and conference season to spruce up your social profiles and come up with a conference-specific strategy to amplify your personal brand and connect with executives, speakers, and other attendees at RampUp. The digital tools allow you to position yourself as an inquisitive learner with unique perspectives on industry trends. While you’re building offline relationships, make sure to build online ones as well to maximize your time at RampUp 2019.

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