• There’s a lot going on in marketing right now. If you’re a marketer, I’m sure you’re already aware. There’s all this buzz, but something’s still not working.

    So you turn to some shiny new tech platform that promises to save you. And it helps, but doesn’t quite deliver. Maybe you look back at your data, at your team, at your organization.

    But if you can’t even figure out the problem, how are you going to find a solution?

    There’s a lot of uncertainty, but one thing’s for sure: marketing is at an inflection point. Consumers are fed up, and marketers are confused. There’s so much marketers are doing right, but still so much they’re doing wrong.

    What marketers needs is some good, old fashioned advice—from other marketers, about their own marketing. And that’s where RampUp wants to be.

    You may know RampUp as an annual industry event, but with the launch of RampedUp.us, our goal is to create a single destination where marketers can focus on the past and the future—on what works, and what hasn’t, for them.

    Built by marketers, for marketers

    RampUp is the place where you can learn and keep up with the latest technology, trends, and best practices from other marketers.

    RampUp gives you and your peers the space to share your wins—and losses—so we can all learn and put those experiences into action.

    Anyone in marketing, from those just starting out in their careers to CMOs, can find content that speaks to them, whether they just have a few minutes to read a blog post or a full day to attend an event.

    Our contributors focus on what it takes to improve the consumer experience. We think that if we collectively solve for that, we all win.

    Share your voice

    We’re looking for marketing leaders to share their stories about their vision for marketing at their company, where they see the marketing and tech industries going, and how they think the marketers of tomorrow will connect with consumers.

    This is your chance to help your fellow marketers, and become one of the people you’ve always admired—on stage, in print, or both.

    RampUp needs you—the marketing experts—to share your knowledge and help everyone build better relationships between people and the companies they love.So whether you’re launching a startup, trying to tell stories with data, combining AI and voice search, or breaking down data silos, RampUp is the place for you. Join us by sending your thoughts to rampup@rampedup.us.

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