RampUp 2018 Conference Agenda

RampUp 2018 Conference Agenda

  • Monday, March 5
  • Tuesday, March 6

12:00PM Masonic

Lunch and Registration

1:00PM Masonic

Opening Remarks

1:10PM Masonic

Opening Keynote

Track: Data Owner

2:00PM Gold Room

Ask the enforcers | Brand safety across the digital advertising ecosystem

2:30PM Gold Room

Looking forward with LiveRamp: steps towards data scoring

2:45PM Gold Room

A data innovators discussion: the Data Store

3:10PM Gold Room


3:30PM Gold Room

Don’t sell your data, use it

4:00PM Gold Room

Getting creative with location data to execute OOH advertising

Track: Brand / Agency

2:00PM Terrace Room

Building a customer centric business in a digital world

2:30PM Terrace Room

Creating powerful, integrated datasets with transaction data

3:00PM Terrace Room


3:30PM Terrace Room

Finding predictive customer signals with Identity Resolution and person-based data

3:50PM Terrace Room

Data monetization: the next frontier for brands

4:20PM Terrace Room

Looking forward with LiveRamp: integrating people-based TV and the growth of data-driven TV advertising

Track: Platform

2:00PM Venetian Room

The new role of “Identity” in advertising

2:30PM Venetian Room

The role of “identity” from the platform’s perspective

2:50PM Venetian Room

Looking forward with LiveRamp

3:10PM Venetian Room


3:30PM Venetian Room

Online-to-offline: attribution in the automotive ecosystem

3:45PM Venetian Room

Consortium roadmap and technical implementation

4:05PM Venetian Room

Putting the pieces together: the role of TV in the greater ecosystem

Track: People-based TV

2:00PM French Room

TV planning and buying is going data-driven and audience-based

2:35PM French Room

What is people-based TV? LiveRamp's vision for the future

3:00PM French Room


3:30PM French Room

The growth of addressable/data-driven TV advertising

4:00PM French Room

Data-enabled TV ad selling

4:25PM French Room

Audience-based TV buying

Track: Publisher

2:00PM Pavilion Room

Transacting on identity: intelligent tracking prevention

2:20PM Pavilion Room

Earn incremental revenue with data monetization

3:00PM Pavilion Room


3:30PM Pavilion Room

Who should audiences trust more: publisher content or social networks?

4:00PM Pavilion Room

Why the shift to people-based marketing buys?

5:00PM Exploratorium

Opening Reception

Join us as we toast and explore at the world famous Exploratorium! Shuttles will be taking you to and from the Exploratorium, picks up will be on a loop and will meet you outside of the Masonic directly after the closing remarks.

8:00AM Masonic

Breakfast and Registration

Head to the Masonic to kick-off #Rampup18! Registration, breakfast and keynote panels will take place at the Masonic.

8:45AM Masonic

Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote: the vision of the CMO in today's digital ecosystem

With data and AI permeating every aspect of business, it’s no surprise that the role of the CMO is rapidly evolving and will take on a new shape in the very near future.  Let’s hear from some of the leading and most respected global brands on their thoughts on the evolution of the CMO, how their marketing strategies are adapting, and what keeps them up at night.

Track: AdTech Trends

10:00AM Gold Room

The great adtech cleanup

The consolidation of the adtech industry is no surprise. But what does it mean for marketers and the remaining adtech players? Learn how this end to an era will ultimately benefit both suppliers and buyers.

10:55AM Gold Room

Sink or swim: using a first-party data lake

Publishers and brands can now use data lakes as an environment to aggregate, store, and protect their data. The benefits of using a data lake  seem endless, but not without challenges, i.e. who owns: IT or marketing? How do you scale? What are the privacy concerns?

11:50AM Gold Room

Data-powered partnerships

In a world where third-party data is heavily relied on by brands to add scale and enrich their own first-party data, second-party data has now become a game-changer that offers an opportunity to add a layer of differentiation and a unique competitive edge in an otherwise overcrowded data marketplace. Many brands sitting on valuable data assets have come forward to make this type of niche second-party data available in exclusive settings. Leaders will discuss this new and emerging phenomenon.

12:30PM TBD


1:45PM Gold Room

A collaborative look into the future: the advertising ID consortium

The consortium offers a common identity framework in the RTB bidstream that the entire industry will be able to use to make people-based programmatic advertising seamless, with goal of building a neutral identity framework that benefits everyone. How will this trend affect the industry?

2:40PM Gold Room

Prepare for the age of accountability: the shift from data accuracy to data confidence

As brands demand more transparency and quality from the digital ecosystem, rising to the occasion is not an option – it’s a must. We need information to power innovation. Meet the major players building a new ecosystem of trust to deliver fair value on all sides, and learn the costs of data fraud and inaccuracy.

3:20PM Gold Room


4:00PM Gold Room

Building a customer journey out of data

In today’s ecosystem, the access to first- and third-party data, and the explosion of connected devices has left marketers with the task of pulling it all together. The challenge is aggregating all those customer data points to map out a cohesive path to purchase. This group will discuss what marketers are demanding from their data partners to create insightful customer journeys consistently and at scale.

Track: Data-Powered Customer Experience

10:00AM Venetian Room

Input: customer data, output: people-based marketing

People-based marketing means reliably reaching people instead of devices. Brands can now seamlessly reach people across multiple devices with relevant messaging and then measure ROI. Seems like a magical place. What’s the entry fee? Data.

10:55AM Venetian Room

Reaching the unreachables

This new category, the “Unreachables,” mostly consists of Millennials and Gen Xers, who are highly sought after by advertisers. With more spending power than the generations before and less attention span than ever, the Unreachables are the next big challenge for the industry. How will brands connect with the anti-ad consumer?

11:50AM Venetian Room

Changing the TV buying paradigm

The TV industry is experiencing unprecedented innovation which is reshaping advertising experiences. People based targeting capabilities across TV are delivering deeper customer experiences, and data is the bedrock of this transformation. How are today’s leading advertisers, agencies and tech platforms embracing this change and pushing the envelope on what’s possible in TV advertising?

12:30PM TBD


1:45PM Venetian Room

Make room, agencies: consultancies are making their move

With consumer attention shifting in a complex digital ecosystem, business growth isn’t always easy to deliver.  What’s the best path to growth?  Consultancies focus on customer experience, while agencies talk about advanced advertising and analytics.  Whose strategy will deliver more market share and growth for their clients?  Find out as both sides tell their story.

2:40PM Venetian Room

The road to validation is paved by measurement

It’s not worth doing if you can’t measure it. Marketers today have the resources to measure then optimize their efforts. However, most marketing tech stacks are not set up with measurement in mind. How do you evolve the thinking around measurement and how do you model the technology putting measurement at the forefront?

3:20PM Venetian Room


4:00PM Venetian Room

Attribution: the key to keeping and growing your budget

As cross-device media consumption and marketing budgets grow, linking spend to performance grows increasingly complex. Attribution is the key to keeping budget and growing it smartly, yet many marketers are unsure how to choose among the many models available. Discover effective approaches to attribution and how to turn insights into action.

Track: Data Innovation

10:00AM Terrace Room

Leveraging TV from branding to conversion: people-based marketing TV

In the not-so-distant future, we will no longer see a clear difference between television and digital video. As these two mediums continue to converge, we move closer to video advertising’s holy grail: the ability to purchase premium inventory aimed at select audiences with a single media plan that covers television, mobile, and desktop devices.

10:55AM Terrace Room

Data can't rush the creative process... or can It?

While the technology behind programmatic has evolved at lightning speed, the creative side of the business is stuck in the present. Can rules-driven ad messages really move anybody to emotion or action? As we get more savvy and center on the importance of one-to-one messaging, how can we leveraging the power of “nowness” to create emotionally resonant data-driven creative that engages customers? Let’s explore how data and marketing players are using data to fuel more emotional creative experiences and consumer connections.

11:50AM Terrace Room

It's about more than just privacy: trust and ethics

The industry is at a crossroad. With new regulations such as GDPR shaking up the scene, what can the industry do to regain the trust of regulators and consumers? It’s not enough just to be privacy compliant anymore.

12:30PM TBD


1:45PM Terrace Room

How blockchain can save programmatic and how it can't

Blockchain has numerous uses in media and advertising, but all the buzz is about how it will “save” programmatic. Learn what use cases blockchain can support, which ones it can’t, and how this technology will go from hype to reality in our industry.

2:40PM Terrace Room

Improving CX with chatbots, virtual reality, & AI assistants

In a world where everyone wants to be “customer-centric,” the best way to succeed is to leverage the direct voice of customers, but Bots are creeping their way into the workflow of content creation. How is AI is enabling marketers to connect and engage more deeply with customers? What piece is going to remain human and what is AI going to take?

3:20PM Terrace Room


4:00PM Terrace Room

Unifying your digital advertising

Ad buyers and analysts have a lot of on the ground insights, but consequently are so in the weeds of individual channels and metrics like CPC and CPL, that more strategic customer journeys and cross-channel messages aren’t implemented as well as they could be. How can we work to break down the silos? In this session, we’ll reveal how simple but powerful changes can create better experiences for customers and better outcomes for your company.

Track: Future Trends

10:00AM Pavilion Room

What is a 21st-century brand's marketing strategy?

This next generation of brands have redefined customer experience and what it means to interact with customers. With new mantras and principles, these brands challenge the status quo of marketing to bring a new level of customer experience to their audiences. How are these innovators developing a cutting-edge brand and how are they depending on technology and data to stay top of mind?

10:55AM Pavilion Room

The race to become the customer data platform

Industry consolidation is no stranger to the adtech industry. As we start to see brands change their business models putting the customer experience first, platforms are trying to rise to the occasion with a customer-first offering. Watching recent M&A activity, we are starting to see a trend and a new category arise. Will the customer data platform be the new shining object in the adtech ecosystem? Who will get there first?


Closing Keynote

5:30PM Masonic Music Hall

Closing Remarks & Closing Reception

Join us at our closing reception just steps from our closing keynote located in one of San Francisco’s legendary venue!