• It was a wet and windy day one of RampUp 2019, but that didn’t dampen attendees’ spirits or thirst for new connections and learning—and not just because LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe challenged attendees to meet at least five new people and come away from the conference with five ideas.

    Here are a handful of insights from day one of RampUp 2019:

    Insight #1: “Don’t go to your office—go to your customer’s office.” Sarah Kennedy Ellis, CMO of Marketo, an Adobe company, shared this parting thought at the end of her fireside chat with LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe, who asked what attendees should focus on when they’re back in the office on Wednesday. She went on to share the importance of genuine connection with your customers, in good times and bad, to truly understand their priorities and to be able to serve them better. It was great to hear what customer centricity sounds like.

    Insight #2: Just 13% of organizations say they are making the most of available customer data, Damian Lawlor, managing director of Google Cloud, shared. Immediately after his session, Jonathan Margulies of Winterberry Group presented on the evolution of identity, revealing that only 15.3% of brand marketers surveyed said they are able to identify audience members extremely well. These low percentages showed attendees how far we as an industry have to go, but also that they’re not alone in their struggles to use first-party data—group hug!

    Insight #3: Whether you build, rent, or buy for your martech platforms, you must have a reason for it. “If you’re going to bring your data in-house because it seems like the right thing to do, you have to make it valuable. At some point in time, someone will ask you what the business value is in owning your data. Having those conversations is super important. A lot of our solutions were made to maintain flexibility,” said Alison Gensheimer, VP of digital marketing at Wells Fargo, on the panel MarTech: Build, Rent, or Buy?

    The panel agreed that martech decisions can’t be made in a vacuum or based on what others are doing—the martech stack that will work for you is customized to your needs, which may change over time.

    Bonus insight: Fill it forward. Notice the Cupanion water bottle in your RampUp 2019 bag? If you download their Fill it Forward app and use it to track every time you fill up your Cupanion, you’ll donate a cup of clean water to communities that lack access to safe water—so every time you hydrate, you’re doing more than quenching your thirst.

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