• It was an action-filled Day 1 for RampUp 2020. Rooms were packed for sessions, content was flowing, and the audience was engaged by more than two dozen speakers. Back by popular demand, our Innovation Studio sessions took place for the first half of the day in lieu of last year’s pre-conference event. The French Room, which was the birthplace of our first Innovation Studio session in 2019, made way for another newcomer (with an equally packed house): RampUp for Developers. Here are some insights from Day 1 of RampUp 2020:

    Insight 1: Cookies (or lack thereof) are top of mind for marketers

    During Innovation Studio, speakers cited the end of third-party cookies as an opportunity for positive change. CBS Interactive’s VP of Global Programmatic Partnerships, Lauren Silva, called for industry leaders to be active participants in this change in the ecosystem. During her session, “Building an Authentication Strategy in a Cookieless World,” she urged attendees to collaborate and be stakeholders in this shift, and reach out to the IAB Tech Lab with opinions on the changes advertisers would like to see. 

    In a main conference panel session with leaders from Bustle Digital Group, Cadreon, CloudFlare, and OpenX titled “Preparing for Post-Cookie Advertising,” LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe asked panelists to wager on whether Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies would come before or after the date outlined. While the end of cookies came as no surprise, most panelists believed the change would actually happen before the outlined timeframe. Panelists agreed that Google setting a deadline of two years sends a signal to the industry that real change must be made. 

    Insight 2: Invest in consumer trust

    Speakers today for both Innovation Studio and the main conference emphasized the importance of trust and transparency with consumers. Earning consumer trust is everything for marketers. When it comes to first-party consent, it’s a value exchange for consumers to receive experiences in exchange for their consent. HealthVerity’s Principal of Media and Consumer Data, Gabe Richman, urged publishers to “have honest conversations about why and how consumers are engaging with the brand. Companies getting it right are going to win the next phase.” In that same session titled, “Data in a Transparent and Compliant World,” Cuebiq’s CEO and Founder, Antonio Tomarchio, urged publishers to ensure consumers felt like they were in the driver’s seat and in control of their data in order to gain their trust. 

    During his keynote session, “Great Creative as a Competitive Advantage,” Burger King’s Global CMO, Fernando Machado, reminded us that consumers inherently want a great experience that solves their need. Fernando called out some of Burger King’s greatest ad campaigns, which involved catering to consumer’s needs rather than merely creating a catchy advertising campaign. Citing the “Traffic Jam Whopper” campaign, he highlighted how the fast-food giant reached consumers where their needs were most—literally. Creating an app feature with beacon technology, Burger King offered car-side delivery during traffic jams to promote app downloads in Mexico. 

    Insight 3: Step outside your comfort zone

    Whether it’s an industry that’s been unruffled for the past 70 years like TV, the advertising ecosystem, and third-party cookies, or how we’re delivering and creating consumer experiences with ads, today’s speakers reminded us to step outside our comfort zone to move our industry forward.

    When it comes to adapting advanced TV, Ampersand’s Director of Data Solutions, Jason Attanasio, calls out in the Innovation Studio session, “LiveRamp and the Current TV Landscape,” that advertisers need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. With the ecosystem changing so rapidly, advertisers will need to figure out the best path forward and course correct along the way. In his opening remarks, LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe called for attendees to spark serendipitous conversations at RampUp, and urged attendees to leave RampUp with at least one new relationship and one new idea.

    Bonus Insight

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