• Dare we say this was the best virtual RampUp yet? At least one member of the Twitterverse agrees!

    Thank you to all who made the event so dynamic: our engaging speakers, incredible sponsors, and attendees chatting in the console. We started on a high note with this heartwarming video featuring the RampUp community sharing what they are most proud of:

    First takeaway of the day—don’t let physical distance from others dampen your achievements. Toot your own horn! Here are a few others we heard:

    “The first step is creating for yourself.”

    Issa Rae shared this during her opening conversation titled, Selling Your Vision in the New Media Age, in response to a question about how she moved her show concept for Insecure from ABC to HBO. We all know that Insecure became, and continues to be, a hit. It was this moment when ABC didn’t pick up her pilot that showed her she could—and needed to—own her own vision. 

    As marketers, we sometimes forget that creativity lives in each of us, although it isn’t always easy to feel inspired in our continuing work-from-home period. Asking ourselves first and foremost if our work reflects our vision is a good first step in getting the creative juices flowing and landing on something we’re proud of.

    “Integrate the art and science of marketing with customer experience at the center.”

    Of course, the “Mad Men days,” as Dara Treseder, SVP and Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Peloton said, are over. It’s not just great creative that matters, but also understanding how technology and data can help you come up with better ideas, measure the results, and generate new insights. 

    “Constantly ask yourself, ‘how can I build these two muscles?’” Dara said in her presentation, Reimagine Every Touch Point to Foster Brand Love. “How can I bring them to work together to create the magic and moments that matter?” When you think about all that we have at our disposal to learn and use, there really is no limit to the vision we have for where we want our companies, teams, and careers to go. 

    “If you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else will.”

    In The Pivot to Modern Marketing, a final session chock full of nuggets of career wisdom, this one from Sean Downey, VP of Media Platforms at Google, stood out. As an adtech veteran who started building an ad server on a Gateway computer in the mid-1990s, Sean joked that he’s the worst person to put on a career panel as he’s been doing the same job, more or less, for “almost 18 years.” 

    However, to keep broadening his vision for what the digital ecosystem can be, he pushes his team to get comfortable learning new skills, even if they think they aren’t ready for them. He does the same with customers who may be used to doing things in certain ways that may not be sustainable moving forward. 

    “Never get caught up with what you have because it’s not going to be the future of technology,” he added. 

    Now it’s your turn—use hashtag #RampUp21 and share on social media what you’re proud of or focused on to keep the momentum going until we meet again online or in person.

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