• We’re back from RampUp on the Road Austin—our last Stateside road show for the year! An underlying theme throughout the sessions was the intersection of data and great customer experiences. Here’s what we learned:

    Data, Data, Everywhere

    When it comes to data, our speakers agreed: most companies don’t lack first-party data. Rather, they have so much data that is underutilized, usually trapped in silos. Unifying that data and applying it to your campaign strategies is key to creating meaningful customer experiences.

    Forrester’s Joe Stanhope mentioned in his opening session, “The Identity Resolution Imperative: Building The Foundation for Marketing In Consumers’ Moments,” that his clients have mentioned they have data coming out of the woodwork. Whereas people were previously passive recipients of brand advertisements, the tables have turned. Consumers now want more from brands because they know the technology is capable of offering them more choices. 

    Your data is only as good as what you make of it. Use it to deliver meaningful customer experiences corresponding to what they’re looking for. 

    Creating Great Customer Experiences: A Two-Way Street

    We know data powers great experiences, and consumers want meaningful interactions with brands. But to get those meaningful experiences, consumers must also grant consent by opting in. As we move closer to the CCPA effective date of January 1, 2020, it’s important for affected brands to have the right technology, workflows, and policies in place. CCPA is only the precursor to more regulations, including federal regulations that will affect the entire country.

    From a consumer standpoint, Alison Brunelle, PwC’s Director of Privacy and Consumer Protection, discussed the benefits of data consent. In her session with Tim Geenen, General Manager of Faktor, a LiveRamp company, Alison pointed out that by opting in, she saw ads relevant to her. As an example, someone who is vegetarian would prefer not to see ads for a steak house. Providing consent allows advertisers to tailor ads to fit the consumer. 

    Data Privacy Is Your Friend

    With CCPA and other regulations continuing to evolve, Alison also encouraged attendees to make data privacy and legal teams their advocates. As organizations work with multiple teams ranging from IT, legal, marketing, and privacy to become CCPA compliant, working closely with these stakeholders will help foster a better understanding of marketing needs and achieve compliance quickly.

    What’s more, as we move forward and launch new products, it’s also important to think about approaching product development with a privacy-by-design mentality. Getting the privacy team involved early and often within your campaigns and product development will help mitigate issues down the line that may have an adverse impact on your brand reputation.

    Bonus insight: Austin is more than just barbecue (although Franklin’s brisket is inarguably divine, save for the wait). If you have time in the city on a balmy day, check out Barton Springs, a giant municipal outdoor “pool” that’s adjacent to Barton Creek. Watching the bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge is also a fun activity for late spring to early fall. 

    That’s a wrap for our RampUp on the Road 2019 Fall road shows in the U.S.—we’re headed to London next on November 19, 2019, before we hunker down for a few months in preparation for RampUp SF 2020. Register now for super early bird pricing, and we’ll see you in San Francisco in the new year!

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