• We’re back from RampUp on the Road Chicago 2018 and have some fresh insights to share! Within our two tracks, The New Data Landscape and Redefining the Customer Experience, we noticed a throughline in many of our sessions—advice for marketers on how to put customers at ease. In our customer-focused industry, serving people well entails not just giving them what they might want, but making them feel good about their decisions.

    Insight 1: People forget 90% of what you present

    Carmen Simon, our opening keynote speaker, shared this stat after a two-minute memory exercise involving several numbers interspersed with text. It was hard. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person planning a coffee run after Carmen’s talk. “Always start with what you want people to remember. Ask, ‘What is your 10%?’” she said.

    Answering this is not necessarily about creating something and cutting it by 90%. It’s about hooking into people’s “mental models” so they can more easily recall what you present. As a example, Carmen shared the cover of In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan’s book, featuring a head of lettuce on the cover wrapped in a band with three short sentences printed on it: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” We all like food and need to eat, which makes these crisp phrases easier to recall as a unit.

    Insight 2: Every decision we make creates stress

    “We all feel this, but we forget it when we put our marketers hats on.” Too true. Fatemeh Khatibloo, principal analyst at Forrester, shared this insight during her session, along with the following quotes from consumers:

    Even small decisions like what to make for dinner can cause stress. So what can we do to make people’s lives easier? Fatemeh shared some examples across industries:

    • Travel: Add weather information to your confirmation emails. Now people know what to pack.
    • Fitness: Connect with app users when they need to break in a pair of running shoes before a race. Now they don’t have to worry about blisters at the finish.
    • Retail: Learn loyal shoppers’ patterns so you can nudge them when it’s time to take an action like plant a spring garden. Now they can plan ahead and save time.

    Insight 3: Get started with people-based marketing by looking at who is doing it on your team

    When Amy Ball, senior program manager of advertising and branded content at REI, got started with people-based marketing, she went to the email team. They had been doing one-to-one marketing for years. You don’t need a fully built martech stack to get started with people-based marketing. Ask around and you’ll probably get some great insights on the data you have that you can use across channels and what messaging might resonate.

    Bonus insight: The panel that drinks together…

    Esther Jun from Pernod Ricard graciously supplied the panel she was on with Jameson. The discussion on data-powered partnerships was lively and panelists received great questions about whether second-party data is a one-way or two-way street. Speaking of drinks, here’s a shot from happy hour of our lovely events team:

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