• We’ve all been to conferences where we’ve thrown away extraneous items or seen them strewn across a show floor. To minimize waste and create a better experience for you, we’ve organized RampUp 2019 to minimize our impact on local and global ecosystems.

    Here are some ways we’re being more mindful of our environmental footprint at RampUp:

    Traveler-friendly bags, and fewer of them

    We have switched our conference bags to an easily packable and reusable folding tote to reduce the number of bags left behind. Additionally, we have reduced the total number of bags available to match the percentage that we have seen used in past years.

    Cupanion water bottles

    Each conference bag will have a Cupanion water bottle in it. Through the use of reusable bottles, we aim to reduce the number of single-use cups for water at the show. Even better, each time you fill your Cupanion at RampUp and beyond and use their Fill it Forward app, Cupanion donates a cup of water to communities that lack access to clean water.

    No printed agendas or surveys

    In an attempt to reduce the amount of paper at the show, we have made the agenda and surveys available only through the RampUp 2019 app. Download it in the App Store or get it on Google Play. Using our app is also the best way to ask our speakers questions and ensure you get more out of attending RampUp.

    A move towards digital signage

    Clear signage is key to any event. However, the amount of waste it creates can be significant. This year we are beginning a transition to digital signage, a trend we hope to expand in shows to come.

    Partnering with local nonprofit organizations

    You probably already know that the RampPups are back! This is the second year we have partnered with the San Francisco SPCA to bring adoptable pups onsite for cuddles. In addition to being an amazing attendee experience, RampPups also gives us the opportunity to—paws crossed—get these adorable pups forever homes.

    Finally, if you’ve been to RampUp before, you know that our food and beverage is on point. This year, RampUp and the Fairmont are partnering with Chefs to End Hunger to deliver any excess food from meals served at the event to local nonprofits.

    We hope you enjoy RampUp 2019 and use your bag and your Cupanion water bottle at the conference and beyond. If you’ve seen any environmentally friendly initiatives at other events that you’d like to share with us, feel free to let us know on our social channels—Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook—and follow us while you’re there.

    Did you attend RampUp 2019 just for the puppies? We won’t tell. Here are our recaps from day 1 and day 2 so you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

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