• We’re marketers—we’ve got that good soul in our feet. We have an inherent optimism to work for good companies, prove strategies we believe in, and do right by the consumer. 

    This is not, however, the way many people see us. Who could blame them when our peers, or perhaps—gulp—we ourselves are responsible for the tactics they find creepy: chasing them around the internet, sending ads for products based on intensely personal searches, and other violations of privacy. This can make it hard to tap into our optimism, but as we are in sunny LA today for RampUp on the Road, I pulled out some nuggets on why we should feel good about our work and where our industry is going:

    Insight 1: Happier employees are a marker of customer-obsessed companies.

    We all know the metrics the C-suite cares about: lowering churn, increasing customer lifetime value, successful expansion into new markets, and more. Who’s behind the stellar numbers? Your employees. 

    As Joanna O’Connell, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester shared, employees at customer-obsessed companies are 40% more likely to report being happy at work. So in tandem with thinking about all the levers you pull on a daily basis, keep this in mind: does this work make my team glad to do what they do? Keep asking and answering that question and you may be on your way to better internal and external results.

    Insight 2: Premium video can finally get credit where credit is due. 

    If you’ve been working in TV for a while, this should make you jump for joy. Why should a digital channel get all the credit for a journey that included an advanced TV ad you placed? 

    With outcome-based measurement powered by Data Plus Math, a LiveRamp company, it’s now possible to understand whether your media plan drove people to visit your website, download your app, and more. This is not only good for TV, but also for digital teams who can work with these insights to sharpen their strategies and opportunities for optimization. Call it a win-win.

    Insight 3: You can control human error. 

    Complying with CCPA, GDPR, and other far-reaching privacy regulations is no easy feat, but it shouldn’t be seen as burdensome or insurmountable. Alejandro Arevalo, VP, CRM, of AEG Presents, shared that one simple thing companies can do to maintain compliance is to minimize human error. No one wants to make mistakes in general, and a big portion of CCPA compliance is making sure everyone using consumer data knows how the law applies to their work and has the opportunity to learn and master new processes. 

    By viewing CCPA as an opportunity to “clean things up on the operational side,” as Alejandro positioned the job, companies can do better work with consumers’ best interests and expressed preferences in mind—and maybe even create happier work environments.

    Bonus insight: LA is the Seoul of the U.S.

    Craving Korean food? Head to Koreatown, conveniently located just a few miles from downtown LA. Koreatown is where you’ll find authentic versions of Korean staples like cold noodles (naengmyun), rice in a hot stone pot (dolsot bibimbap), soft tofu stew (soondubu), and harder to find items like goat stew (yeomsotang) and braised pig trotters (jokbal). Here’s the RampUp team enjoying a meal at Yu Chun, famed for its “chic naengmyun.” They make a killer version of kimchi pancakes, too!Subscribe to RampedUp.Us for more great content like this and visit our events page to catch us at our next event near you!

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