• RampUp is not your typical mar tech conference. None of this high-level, inactionable blather that has infiltrated the speaking circuit—here at RampUp, we truly believe that we’re in this together, as we shared in our manifesto video. We want to democratize mar tech knowledge, unpack big challenges, and share key lessons with the larger community so we can all get better at our jobs together.

    The who’s who of industry experts and thought leaders will gather for RampUp 2019 at the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco on February 25-26, and you should be one of them. Not 100% sure RampUp is the right mar tech conference for you? Let us persuade you:

    Let’s Get Better for the Customer
    No need to name all the recent legislation causing disruption—you probably know them by heart. The main point is, consumers demand transparency, and governmental entities hear them. Are you prepared for the next wave of privacy regulation?

    RampUp 2019 has an entire track dedicated to this topic, called The Age of Accountability. Here, you’ll learn from leaders in the data ethics space, as well as marketers on how they’re thinking beyond privacy today and future-proofing their data strategy.

    Let’s Get Better for Ourselves
    Part and parcel of respecting privacy is knowing how to create better, longer-lasting relationships to grow your businesses. It can be hard to discern what is possible and what isn’t when swimming in a sea of acronyms and false promises. If you struggle with this, our Data and Technology Trends in Practice track can help. We’re bringing cutting-edge brands, agencies, data providers, and platforms to the RampUp 2019 stage to share their successes and failures when implementing futuristic technologies and data strategies.

    Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of Cision, shared: “It’s rare to find 2,000 people that are deeply immersed in data, identity, and tech … we keep coming back to RampUp and it keeps getting better.”

    Come Together. Right Now.
    RampUp isn’t your typical ‘trade a business card, give a handshake, and walk away’ type of conference. It’s a place to make meaningful connections and “get stuff done,” according to John Hochter, CEO and co-founder of Data + Math. Our speakers approach their respective topics in meaningful ways that help you incorporate key takeaways into your day-to-day job, and give you the strategic sensibilities needed to tackle more complicated challenges head-on.

    We attract powerhouse execs—of our 2,500+ attendees, about 500 of those are at the VP, EVP, or SVP level; more than 450 are at the director level; and more than 360 are C-suiters. Our audience is made up of brands and agencies (33%), data owners (28%), adtech platforms (22%), TV (11%), and publishers (6%).

    And for all you analytics nerds—aren’t we all?—we secured Billy Beane as our closing keynote speaker. You may know him as the man who fundamentally changed the way baseball teams are drafted and inspired the Academy Award-winning film Moneyball. At RampUp 2019, he’ll share how he unearthed gold in the Oakland A’s databases to find some of the best talent in baseball. Whether you are a long time RampUp attendee or a newcomer, we can’t wait to see you in 2019!

    There’s still time to register for RampUp 2019! Go ahead and do so here.

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