• Hello, Big Apple! Day 1 of RampUp on the Road New York has concluded with several great workshops on a range of topics, from building a goal-oriented data strategy to understanding what role a CDP could play in your tech stack.

    Here’s a snapshot of what attendees learned:

    Insight 1: Internet users on average have seven social media accounts.

    Tina Moffett, senior analyst at Forrester, presented this statistic during the workshop “Navigating the Digital Landscape.” As such, she continued, “Consumers are distracted and enamored with content at any given time.” This certainly makes it hard to hold their attention, and also all the more glaring when the wrong marketing message catches their attention, eliciting a negative response.  

    Case in point, Tina shared that she received 27 separate messages from one brand about completing a single purchase. Talk about a quick way to break what could be years’ worth of loyalty. At a bare minimum, getting on top of frequency capping is a must in the digital age.

    Insight 2: It would cost the average U.S. consumer $1,197.24 annually to turn off online ads.

    Haven’t we all wondered this at one point or another? A poll commissioned by DAA uncovered this statistic. More than 85% of poll respondents said they preferred an ad-supported Internet model instead of paying for online content, and three-quarters said they would reduce their online activities “a great deal” if they had to pay for those services and content.

    Insight 3: “We’re there, there’s scale, and there’s so much we can learn from every campaign.”

    Jamie Power, COO at one2one Media, shared this insight about experimentation with advanced TV, but it can apply to any marketing tactic. When was the last time you said, “Well that didn’t work, but here’s how we’re going to apply what we learned.” Marketers who adopt this mindset can turn any outcome into a win. Of course, to truly think that way, marketers must also adopt a solid measurement strategy. You can’t win at anything if you’re not confident about your results.

    Bonus insight: Shake Shack has different menus depending on location.

    We discovered this when we did a custard run between workshops, hoping to get Rice Krispie-flavored concretes. It wasn’t on the menu but we weren’t too broken up as salted caramel was. As we slurped away we wondered, what data does Shake Shack use to “tailor and create” concretes per location? You know you’re a marketer when you have data on the mind, even when brain freeze is imminent!


    Stay tuned for a recap of today’s RampUp on the Road New York sessions and be sure to follow along on Twitter!

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