• We’re back from RampUp on the Road Seattle and have some fresh insights to share!

    Insight 1: Customers are accustomed to meaningful, personalized touchpoints.

    During the keynote, Forrester’s Fatemeh Khatibloo pointed out that today’s customers have experienced smart personalization and expect this from all brands they interact with. Fatemeh noted that in order for brands to thrive and maintain customer loyalty, they need to shift from one-to-one marketing to one-to-moments marketing. She pointed out the five steps to mastering trustworthy personalization:

    1. Identify the purpose of personalization for your customers
    2. Capture the right data to meet those needs
    3. Invest in technology that enables personalization across channels
    4. Design experiences and interactions that solve customer problems
    5. Balance every journey and touchpoint against the creepy test

    Insight 2: Most purchases are still happening offline.

    As LiveRamp’s Bradley Haaland pointed out during his Innovation Studio session, while consumers spend a great deal of time online, the majority of dollars spent on retail purchases are still made offline, according to a recent eMarketer study.

    Third-party data helps brands connect the dots between online behavior and offline sales. And, in thinking of personalization, being able to connect online and offline activities means brands can better deliver consumers with the personalized experiences they yearn for.  

    Insight 3: While B2B buying cycles may be long, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer value to potential customers now.

    SAP Concur’s Kelly Rigotti shared this insight during Leveraging Learning from B2B and B2C.  For example, her team looked at the potential customer’s needs and built an expense policy generator to help prospects determine caps and budgets for employee travel expenses. They decided to put the calculator on their website as an ungated resource to make it easy for visitors to discover SAP Concur’s value in managing expenses at the enterprise level.

    While this example is from a B2B company, it’s easy to see how B2C brands can similarly add value and help shoppers make better decisions. Zappos’ quirky videos showing how a shoe moves and flexes with pressure and Chobani giving away free yogurt to everyone in America are stand-out examples in consumer marketing.

    Bonus insight: Pike’s Place Market may be known for their entertaining fish tosses and the first Starbucks, but don’t miss Ellenos Greek Yogurt for the creamiest local Greek yogurt, and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese for the tastiest, freshly made macaroni and cheese and cheese curds.

    Ellenos Mango Greek Yogurt, scooped to order. They serve about a dozen flavors of creamy, fresh Greek yogurt.

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