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    What’s top-of-mind for you and your team in 2021?
    Finding the balance between work and life that works for me and encouraging my team to draw their own lines.
    As a company, we have coded personal-time meetings people can add to their daily schedules to enable space and time for when they need to shift attention to personal interests. As a manager, team lead, and working parent, I aim to respect the personal time people have set and shared during work hours. I also don’t send emails over the weekend or during off-peak work hours, I ask and listen to what people are willing to share about the work/life balance, I work across the team to manage different time needs for each person, respecting meeting times to keep the work day on schedule, and most of all, I try to constantly remind people to prioritize their time to fit their needs. 

    What’s the one thing the TV industry needs to come together and work on this year?
    We will be looking for partners across all screens to take a more open-source view on using data to create more consistency in audience understanding and activation/budget flexibility. This will help us move dollars to where our clients’ audiences are with speed.

    Are there any reflections that you’ve had during COVID that you’d like to share?
    Commuting really sucked. I didn’t realize how much time was wasted and how much stress that routine created until it was consistently not there any more.

    What’s the first vacation you plan to take in 2021?
    I don’t have anything planned yet. It’s so hard to plan without knowing travel protocols. It will be a spur-of-the moment thing, and most likely a good old-fashioned road trip.

    Name a series you binged in 2020.
    Cobra Kai—so ridiculous! It’s a good, brilliant idea, and gives me hope that maybe one day, I too can be a script writer!

    Share a book that helped you solidify your career path.
    Space Race: An Inside View of the Future of Communications Planning by Jim Taylor.

    Share a surprising skill you picked up in 2020.
    DIY home repair.

    What’s your best WFH tip?
    Get a good comfortable pair of slippers, maybe two.

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