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    What’s the first vacation you plan to take in 2021?

    Somewhere warm and beachy abroad! 

    Name a series you binged in 2020.

    That’s tough since there have been so many good binge series in 2020. But, if I had to choose just one, it would have to be Schitt’s Creek because it’s such a gem of positivity and hilarity, all while incorporating real issues.

    Share a book that helped you solidify your career path.

    An oldie but a goodie: How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s a book worth rereading once a year to stay fresh.

    Share a surprising skill you picked up in 2020.

    Baking almond biscotti.

    Are there any reflections that you’ve had during COVID that you’d like to share? 

    A quote that’s really rung true for me this year is, “The only constant is change.” It has helped me focus on the opportunities of the new future we’re entering versus holding onto the nostalgia of what used to be.

    What’s top-of-mind for you and your team in 2021?

    We have a full pipeline and a lot to look forward to this year. There are so many things that are changing in the industry, and we’re hyper-focused on thinking through our own evolution in many areas, including the programmatic business.  

    What’s the one thing the industry needs to come together and work on this year, and what’s at stake if this doesn’t happen? 

    Solving for addressability in a world where identity signals are falling off and user privacy controls are ramping up. Secondly, we must find solutions that work for both the buy and sell sides—this is key for maintaining a healthy open internet.

    What’s your best WFH tip?

    Set your alarm and wake up when you usually would back in the work-from-office days to get yourself in a routine. And, get yourself outside—even if it’s just for a quick walk—after work to clear your mind.

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