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    What’s the first vacation you plan to take in 2021?
    Italy. I miss the food!

    Name a series you binged in 2020.

    Share a book that helped you solidify your career path.
    Data Driven: Harnessing Data and AI to Reinvent Customer Engagement by Tom Chavez, Vivek Vaidya, and Chris O’Hara.

    Share a surprising skill you picked up in 2020.
    SQL. Understanding that we use databases all the time, from our email address book to our data taxonomies stored in GCP or AWS, I felt compelled to have a basic understanding of how to query these systems. It’s generally accepted that SQL is the most widely used database language in the world, and having a basic grasp of it allows me to more effectively communicate with developers, designers, programmers, and data scientists in today’s data-driven ecosystem.

    Are there any reflections that you’ve had during COVID-19 that you’d like to share?
    I’ve learned to focus on what really matters and push the rest aside, and not mistake activity with achievement.

    What’s top-of-mind for you and your team in 2021?
    Identity solutions, specifically ones that allow for extrapolating advanced audience intelligence and insights.

    What’s the one thing the industry needs to come together and work on this year, and what’s at stake if this doesn’t happen?
    Common identifiers and/or audience taxonomies. If we can’t agree on a universal ID (and I don’t think we will), we need to use a common vernacular to ensure that audiences are universally understood.

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