• What has been your biggest challenge this year?

    I cannot imagine anyone not referencing the pandemic in some way. I think the biggest challenge I’ve faced is managing my home life with the ever-evolving needs of our growing business. I do believe, however, that these challenges forced some systemic changes that I very much welcome.

    What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?

    I’m most proud of the work we’re doing with ShareThis Cares. The death of George Floyd and the rise again of Black Lives Matter protests was a wake-up call for me to become a more active advocate for dismantling systemic racism. ShareThis Cares has created a lot of activity and momentum that we hope will have a real impact across our company, our communities, and I believe, the industry.

    Which marketing trends are top-of-mind for 2021? 

    We are at a number of inflection points. Changing consumer behavior, which was impacted by the pandemic, and the evolution from browser-based third-party cookies and solutions for identity are all top-of-mind. I think the cookie discussion is long overdue as an industry, and I’m excited about the collaboration and innovation we are starting to see that will help drive future growth.

    What’s your best WFH tip?

    Create pockets of self-care throughout your day. It is non-negotiable for me to get moving first thing in the morning—before my kids are up, before my first meeting. It helps set the intention of my day. Self-care also extends to my work environment, which I’ve filled with natural light and plants. I set time throughout the day to stand up, go outside, and hug my loved ones. Change the energy!

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