• What has been your biggest challenge this year?

    Reprioritizing budgets due to COVID-19 has been my biggest challenge. My team and I are evaluating what the new circumstances are going to allow us to achieve and how we can do more with less. This may be anything from simple reprioritizations to shifting to completely new approaches and platforms. We’re focusing resources and funds on the items that will have a positive impact on the organization and our customers, specifically new solutions and approaches that deliver better ROI given consumers’ greater expectations on digital engagement.

    What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?

    I’m most proud of launching a new customer engagement platform that provides us with many new, first-hand insights into our audiences. We started the development of the new platform at the end of last year in preparation of a new product launch earlier this year. It took us just a few months from inception to launch. From the very beginning, due to the inherently built-in engagement and customer-input-based CTAs, the platform has delivered a wealth of new information on our customers, as well as their thoughts and preferences for our product. Since then, we have been able to successfully scale and apply the same platform to other products and campaigns and are working on further usage expansions.

    What’s your best WFH tip?

    Don’t stress the home. Instead of a coworker busting into your meeting mid- presentation (because they mixed up the meeting room), it’s your toddler who has an important question about Muppet Babies. We’re all in the same boat.

    Which marketing trends are top of mind for 2021?

    My team and I are focused on finding solutions to address the impact of increased consumer privacy protection on advertising effectiveness. As a marketer, I’m as guilty as others of having become complacent with the status quo, leveraging best practices and established solutions such as DMPs as the way to go. Now, I have lots of catching up to do to understand which other solutions and approaches are the new “right.” Who and what are the right partners, technologies, and approaches to enable us as an organization in continuing our engagement with our consumers through relevant content and experiences without relying on cookies or risking non-compliance issues?

    What I have found so far is that many of the partners or solutions providers don’t quite have it all figured out either, so it definitely is an interesting part of our discovery through the rest of this year and into next. I think the key here is to have as many conversations on the topic with as many different players in the field and continue leveraging your trusted network in forming a new approach that feels right for you. Then validate, adjust, and repeat, and don’t get caught being complacent again.

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