2018 Highlights

Watch all of the RampUp 2018 sessions below.

Preconference Main Conference
  • Getting Creative With Location Data To Execute OOH Advertising

  • Don’t Sell Your Data, Use It

  • Ask The Enforcers: Brand Safety Across The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

  • A Data Innovators Discussion: The Data Store

  • Looking Forward With LiveRamp: Steps Toward Data Scoring

  • Consortium Roadmap And Technical Implementation

  • Building A Customer-Centric Business In A Digital World

  • Creating Powerful, Integrated Datasets With Transaction Data

  • Finding Predictive Customer Signals With Identity Resolution And Person-Based Data

  • The Transformation Of Data Monetization And The Next Frontier For Brands And CDAO As Data Company CEO

  • CRM Data Has A Place At The TV Advertising Table

  • LiveRamp Product Highlight

  • Online-To-Offline: Attribution In The Automotive Ecosystem

  • Putting The Pieces Together: The Role Of TV In The Greater Ecosystem

  • Case Study Contest Winner: Person-Level Unified Measurement

  • The Role Of “Identity” From The Platform’s Perspective

  • The New Role Of “Identity” In Advertising

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  • The Vision Of The CMO In Today’s Digital Ecosystem

  • Keynote: Nate Silver

  • Building A Customer Journey Out Of Data

  • The Great Adtech Cleanup

  • Sink Or Swim: Using A First Party Data Lake

  • Make Room, Agencies: Consultancies Are Making Their Move

  • Data Powered Partnerships

  • A Collaborative Look Into The Future-ID Consortium

  • Prepare For The Age Of Accountability: The Shift From Data Accuracy To Data Confidence

  • Digital and TV: How Identity is Building a Bridge

  • How Blockchain Can Save Programmatic And How It Can’t

  • Unifying Your Digital Advertising

  • Data Can’t Rush The Creative Process… Or Can It

  • It’s About More Than Just Privacy: Trust And Ethics

  • Improving CX With Chatbots, Virtual Reality, And AI Assistants

  • How CMOS Are Becoming More Customer Centric

  • Attribution: The Key To Keeping And Growing Your Budget

  • The Road To Validation Is Paved By Measurement

  • Input: Customer Data, Output: People Based Marketing

  • Changing The TV Buying Paradigm

  • Reaching The Unreachables

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