2019 Highlights

Main Conference Preconference
  • The Intersection of Martech and Adtech

  • Art + Science: Striking the Balance

  • Building a Global Brand, One Consumer at a Time

  • Owning the Customer Experience Everywhere

  • Beginner to Expert-Level Advanced TV

  • Uncovering Data Quality through Transparency

  • Techlash and the Battle for Hyper-Innovation

  • Staying Ethical and Agile

  • Industry and Government: Who Should Lead Privacy Policy

  • Connecting the Fragmented Healthcare Data Ecosysytem

  • Building a Customer-Driven Organization

  • The Other ABM- Account-Based Measurement

  • The Height of Sophisticated Measurement

  • Halt Disruption with Data Intelligence

  • Demystifying CDP’s

  • Building Data Narratives

  • Achieving Omnichannel Harmony

  • The Agency’s Evolving Role in Driving Brand Growth

  • Experiential Marketing at Scale

  • Re-Mapping Honda’s Customer Journey

  • Harnessing the Power of Voice

  • Make Your Data Work for You

  • Leveraging learning between B2B and B2C

  • Audience Building for Performance Marketing

  • Three Flavors of Identity Solutions

  • The Power of Open Identity

  • MarTech: Build, Rent, or Buy?

  • Committing to Consumers with the Right Relationship

  • All the Right Martech Moves

  • Brand Safety in a World All About Live

  • Journeys to True Personalization

  • How Much Do Brands Really Care about Programmatic’s Trust Issues

  • CTV & Linear TV- How to help these siblings play well together

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  • Organizing for an Omnichannel World: The Brand Perspective

  • Organizing for an Omnichannel World: The Agency Perspective

  • Successful Data Strategies for Platforms

  • What Most Advanced Brands Are Doing Now

  • Three Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

  • Navigating B2B Audiences

  • Reaching Small and Medium Size Businesses

  • Identity Solutions are Open for Business

  • Insights to Data Buying Decisions

  • Building the Data Economy of the Future

  • Marketing In 2020

  • Data Ethics and Privacy

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